10 Powerful Beliefs of People Who are Destined for Success


There is something that has confounded scientists for ages. A remarkable phenomenon in which a placebo – a fake treatment consisting of an inactive substance like sugar – is administered to patients. About one third of patients who take placebos (believing them to be medication) will experience a measurable, observable and felt improvement in health or behavior.

Even if the treatment itself is a sham, the patients’ symptoms often end altogether because they believe they took the remedy for their ailment. Evidently, belief is powerful. This is why it is so important to believe good things will happen to you.

Success springs from a framework of empowering beliefs and uplifting habits. You might think it is some unfair throw of the dice that makes some people succeed where many others fail, but that’s not really it. Your belief system determines your reality. Positive beliefs inspire positive actions that lead to success.


Empowering Beliefs of Successful People


Here are some empowering beliefs that people destined for success have:


1. They believe that they are in charge of their life.


People destined for success believe that a great life does not just happen to you automatically, but that life is a result of how you respond to challenges and opportunities. It's not what happens outside that affects our lives; it's the reaction we have to what happens outside. You make your own reality. This empowering belief, that you (and only you) are responsible of what you make of any given situation, allows them to take charge of their own destiny. We are all the masters of our own destiny. If you put the work in, you will undoubtedly see positive results.


2. They believe in their own abilities and potential for greatness.


People destined for success have great self-confidence in the sense that while they may not have all the answers, they believe they can figure it out. They have full faith in their own abilities and potential for greatness. They know that if you don’t believe in yourself and your abilities, no one else will. Mistrusting your own abilities is being too wicked on yourself because you are in essence discouraging yourself from doing what you are meant to excel in.


3. They believe that a lot of opportunity is out there, you just have to go and grab it.


People destined for success have their mind set on opportunity and abundance, rather than misfortune and scarcity. This belief makes a world of a difference because where others see obstacles, they see opportunities. Where others see dead-ends, they see possibilities. While others see themselves as victims, people destines for success see themselves as problem solvers. They are not whiners; they are winners.


4. They believe that ideas are important, but execution is crucial.


People destined for success constantly come up with great ideas and execute those ideas that work—over and over again. They know ideas are only as valuable as how well they are executed. Come up with new ideas, make SMART plans, lay down workable action-steps, and execute. Just do it. “What is not started will never get finished,” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said. Adapt your ideas and execute some more. Only when you set proper systems in motion will you get desired results.


5. They believe that they will win through hard work and perseverance.


People destined for success understand that to succeed you need to have grit—stamina! Work comes first and the payoff comes later. When others quit and compromise their values, people destined for success keep going. They ultimately achieve success not so much because they are the smartest, better connected or more talented, but because they are the last ones left standing when others fall away. Thomas Edison believed so much in hard work that he said, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.”


6. They believe that they can make tomorrow better.


This belief that the past can be reviewed and the future made better is ingrained in their DNA. That’s the reason why people destined for success make every effort to learn from their own and other people’s mistakes. Where others are crippled by past failures and disempowering thoughts of the future, people destined for success are busy changing the future by altering their present actions. They are at the forefront of positive change movements, even if only in their own small community or industry.


7. They believe in doing things no one else is willing to do.


People destined for success do not eschew risk. They try new things all the time even if those things seem trivial or simple. That’s because they understand that to be different you must act differently. You must be willing to try things others won’t. People will think you are crazy for trying what no one else is willing to do, at first. Then they will think you are special for trying. Finally, they will think you are phenomenal for actually doing! It was Nelson Mandela who rightly observed, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”


8. They believe that people are catalysts (not barriers) to success.


That’s why people destined for success focus on making real connections. They are not marely interested in growing their network in terms of numbers alone, but in making real human connections. That means connecting with people they care about, people they can trust, people they can help, and people who can help them. Numbers won’t be there for you when you’re down. People will. So connect with people.


9. They believe in uplifting and raising others.


Because real connections and friendships are established by laying aside your own needs and focusing more on giving than on receiving, people destined for success believe in raising up and uplifting others. They are not jealous or envious when other people succeed; rather they are happy when you succeed. They will inspire, motivate and support you to be your best self. And you will follow them anywhere because they make you feel valued. They make you feel like wherever you're headed, you're going there together.


10. They believe in giving back.


Giving back is a way people destined for success show their gratitude for the opportunities and the victories they’ve had so far. It’s also a way to reconnect with their origins. Giving reminds them of where they have come from and what they need to do to make this world a better place for all. It keeps them grounded, humble and in touch with reality. Make it a habit of sharing the blessings in your life and you will be happier and richer for it.

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