5 Things That Matter Most When Planning Your Digital Marketing Strategy

5 Things That Matter Most When Planning Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Businesses looking for success in today’s competitive digital world must have a solid marketing strategy.

When a business is characterizing its digital advertising design, it really must consolidate a strong and advanced technique. Without an appropriate digital marketing strategy, new customer acquisitions, revenue generating possibilities, and impactful income creating openings will probably be harmed.


Tips for Designing an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy


Check out some key things to consider when designing and executing your digital marketing strategy:


1. Website's Mobile Friendliness


We are living in a world where smartphone users are no longer considered the exceptions, especially in the Digital Marketing industry. About 60 percent of your audience is looking at your website through their smart phones.

In fact, smartphone users should probably be the primary target in digital marketing. Today, around 1.3 billion people are accessing the web from mobile devices. And 80 percent of all internet users use a smartphone. In other words, if they’re online, they are most likely on their phones.

These numbers will be considerably more skewed towards handsets in the future. Simply put, you NEED to ensure your website is mobile friendly because EVERYONE is hanging out more on mobile.


2. Website's Loading Speed


Google loves fast loading websites, and so does your audience.

The search giant apparently improves the ranking of websites that load fast, both on desktop and mobile. And this is becoming a top search engine ranking factor.

Because Google favors fast loading websites, it's important to focus on delivering the fastest desktop and mobile experience for your audience, and also for Google. If you don’t do this, your competitors that do it will have an upper hand as Google will rank their website or blog above yours.


3. Quality of Content on Your Website


In the digital world, content is a mixture of video, written, Infographic, Powerpoint (PPT), and audio information. This content needs to be high quality and regularly updated on your website. When this is done, it brings a steady stream of traffic to your website and value to your audience.

High quality and fresh website content can yield huge returns. Product pages, service descriptions, company information and blog posts are also a crucial part of your website's content. Include a beautiful mix of all these content types and formats to improve the level of positive results obtained from your content marketing efforts.


4. Social Media Marketing


Social media provides a crucial space for connecting with people online. It helps to spread the word about who you are, what your company is, and the products and services you offer.

But social media takes ongoing hard work—there’s no doubt about it.

Any online professional that has taken a stab at running their own Facebook and or Twitter profiles realizes that increasing new clients via these channels is more challenging than it appears. It takes a lot of work, good strategy and the right online marketing tools to make social media work for you to achieve your goals. But while social media marketing can be scary, it plays a big part in the overall success of your digital marketing strategy. You need to factor it in when planning your digital marketing.


5. Local Search Engine Optimization


Local SEO, which entails optimizing your website for the local web search, is quite different and presents a whole set of different challenges from your typical, non-geo-particular SEO campaigns. But local SEO can enable your business to emerge in the SERPs, which in turn can significantly grow your localized business quite quickly.

With local marketing, you target clients and customers who will buy your product in your local are or region in which the product is produced, rather than focusing on the mass market.  

Local businesses and organizations can draw more clients utilizing Local SEO methodologies, such as targeted Facebook marketing and asking for local online reviews. Results of this local SEO often change more rapidly than other SEO efforts. But it can bring outstanding results.

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Ella Rich has 8 years of experience in the field of private label SEO, Google Adwords, Social Media Marketing and Affiliate marketing. She has successfully served hundred's of organizations and helped them to grow their businesses.