Why Summer Is Perfect for Outdoor Activities and Exercise

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The physical and mental benefits of outdoor activities and exercise are undeniable. And think of the post-workout shower and deep sleep you’ll have after an intense outdoor training session in summer. That will surely get you all psyched up.


During summer, it is hot and amazing outside. Everything feels like it’s blossoming and bright. It appears like it is constant daylight and good vibes outside. So, what’s the most ideal thing to do then? Go outside and enjoy the warm weather, of course!

If you are crazy about working out, for example, you may have booked a membership in your nearest gym. But during summer, you’d want to cancel and move your exercising outside. Of course, always keep your cooling points in mind and stay hydrated. The warmer the summer temperatures, the greater the chance for dehydration.

If you are afraid of facing the summer heat, you can always dress property in heat-appropriate clothes, including a hat to keep the sun off your face and light loose fabrics that wick sweat away from the body. If you are afraid you will get dehydrated, you can easily fix that by going for that jog or other exercise before 10 am or after 7 pm when the day's heat isn't at its peak.

With the right gear, attitude, and strategy, there is no reason for you to miss out on the many benefits of outdoor activities simply because it’s hot.


Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t let the heat stop you from staying active in the summer:


1. You won’t freeze


Even though a lot of people complain about summer sunburn, overheating, and exhaustion, summer is still a lot of fun.

For many people still, the bitter cold weather of winter slows us down and forces us to be less active, which can also take a toll.

In the summer, however, the air doesn’t get sticky, and you can maintain a more active lifestyle. You feel enlivened by the warm temperatures of summer and will greatly benefit from it.


2. It's proven to boost immunity


Outdoor activities and workout exercises during winter are risky because you may catch a cold given the chilly weather outside. Many infectious diseases actually flourishes when the weather is cold. This is not the case during the summer.

During summer you are not vulnerable to colds or fever due to warm weather outside. Studies actually show that the immune system is stronger during the summer and infectious diseases decrease in warmer weather and when people get out of doors and ventilate their homes.

Exercising outdoors in summer can, thus, stimulate your body’s defense mechanism and helps it fight various diseases, including respiratory infections, flu, and symptoms of the common cold. Your blood circulation also improves when you exercise and you inhale clean, fresh outdoor air. It’s a great way to boost your immune system and increase your resistance to illness.

And because being outside in a regulated manner maximizes your vitamin D intake, your overall health improves than when you choose to stay locked home and breathe the same stale air over and over. You just don’t know how fresh you will be feeling after that hour-long outdoor activity or exercise session during summer.

So, don’t shy away or hesitate to take your gas-powered bicycle, or even an electric tricycle for adults and go out for a ride during the summer months. If you don’t feel confident about your biking, then why not just take regular walks to the park, enjoy the sun, and get some good vitamin D from sunlight - a key factor in regulating the immune system?


3. It increases your mental and physical endurance


The courage to lace up and head outside for a regular exercise or outdoor activity session is commendable, especially when everyone is tucking in. Not many people want to go outside for a physical activity when they know it is 30 degrees Celsius.

However, outdoor activities and workouts during summer can have a strong impact on your mental toughness and resilience. On top of building up your resilience, exercising in summer increases your stamina and physical endurance in a bigger way than you would in winter.

Outdoor summer heat and activities can strain the body, but by adjusting your workouts and exercise accordingly, you build great endurance and reap other benefits of exercise and an active life.



4. It builds environmental awareness


Being outside in the summer helps people appreciate nature and rack up positive experiences in the natural, unfiltered environment. If you have kids, hiking the dirt trails with them will help them to appreciate and develop responsible environmental habits lasting far into adulthood.

Speaking of kids, these young minds are always curious and excited about playing outside during summer. Many parents, however, protect their kids too much during these hot months, denying them the chance to play and interact with nature for a whole 3-4 months.

Be different as a parent or guardian. Take your kids outside and play paintball as a family – everything in moderation and with proper safety precautions in place, of course.

In such game with the kids, you will all be covered with jumpsuits, so you will be safe from severe weather elements. Chest and back paddings, on the other hand, will keep you all safe even if someone falls. You will have fun and at the same time register a few minutes of intense exercise.

On your part, exercising outside in summer improves your knowledge of your surroundings and the terrain within and around your neighborhood.


5.  Enjoy the freshest outdoor air


The freshest air can be found outdoors in the summer. And, as already alluded to, most infectious germs don’t survive the hot temperatures of summer, making the air perhaps even better. Most moisture-related germs are found indoors, so going outdoors in warmer months is a boon.

And did you know that fresh outdoor air also boosts your creativity? You’ll be more creative, more energetic, and consequently more productive thanks to the fresh air and outdoor summer activities.

Tringa Bells is a computer science student currently going out of her comfort zone to try new things, including gas-powered bicycles! She enjoys doing things herself and can say she’s a very creative child. She is a freelance graphic designer and a huge lover of poetry and English literature.