13 Statements Happy, Positive People Say All the Time You Should Say Too

Speak these powerful statements to ignite a positive energy and attitude within you that is necessary for happiness and success.

13 Statements Happy, Positive People Say All the Time

Happiness and success in your personal and professional life is about making yourself more positive so that you can be motivated enough to do what needs to be done to achieve your goals. Highly successful, strong, and positive people know this and use the power of affirmation and positive words to motivate themselves (and others) to reach goals.

Positive and optimistic people are their own biggest cheerleaders. Even when things don't look too good, they speak positively and remain hopeful that things will work out in the end. That helps them stay focused, steadfast, and joyful throughout the often turbulent journey of life and path to success.

Although talking to yourself might sound odd or silly, it is extremely powerful and a very effective way to motivate yourself. It can have an outsize effect on you and others. This is why we encourage you to speak positive and affirming words to yourself that happy, successful people say all the time. 

Be sincere with yourself. Don’t just say positive words that happy, successful people say for the sake of saying it. Say what they say and truly mean it.


Statements to Ignite a Positive Energy Within You


Say these powerful statements that happy, positive, and successful people say all the time to ignite a positive energy and attitude within you that will strengthen your resolve and push you forward toward success.


1. “I’m not perfect—and that’s OK.”


Sometimes we feel like we need to be perfect before we can take our next step in life, such as go into partnership or launch a business. At such times, super positive people remind themselves that they’re not perfect, and being imperfect is perfectly okay. 

Perfectionism holds many of us back from success. Take a second to admit that you’re not perfect, but that’s ok. Then go forth and start. Take the next step. You will be fine.


2. “I’m a little scared, but I will overcome this fear.”


Fear is responsible for many lost opportunities and foregone dreams. When super positive feel fear crippling their efforts, they admit they are scared but also tell themselves they can beat their fear. This simple act gives them the strength and courage they need to face their fears and overcome. 

Acknowledge that fear can be crippling and make a choice to overcome it. Tell yourself you will prevail. Fear only has the power you give it.


3. “I can do this!”


Right before super positive people take a challenge or step into a difficult situation, they tell themselves they can do it. Because, as Confucius said, “Those who think they can, and those who think they can’t are both usually right.” 

When Steve Jobs ordered a special kind of glass for the first iPhone, manufacturers were aghast at the stringent request. “Don’t be afraid,” Jobs said. “You can do it. Get your mind around it. You can do it.” And they did it. 

If you believe you can, you are right. If you believe you can't, you are also right!


4. “I’m good enough, right now, just like this.”


When super positive people are ready to push harder to reach a goal and/or improve, they steel themselves for the push with the reminder that they’re good enough, right now, today. 

Say it out loud: “I’m good enough, right now, just like this.” You will feel a sense of power, relief and even self-acceptance, which is good motivation.


5. “Look how far I’ve come!”


The importance of acknowledging your achievements is huge. Super positive people acknowledge their achievements all the time and that helps them face their challenges confidently. It reminds them that they have done it before and they can do it again. 

Speak these words out loud and acknowledge that your efforts have brought results before. Heck, throw a party if you want to celebrate your achievements. It’s extremely gratifying and empowering to know what your efforts can bring.


6. “You can count on me.”


Super positive people are aware of the importance of being there for people. They know that you cannot reach your peak by ignoring everyone else. 

As an African proverb says, “One finger cannot kill a louse.” You have to pull together to make a positive difference. And so positive people say to others, “You can count on me,” and they mean it. 

Say it and mean it too. Be that person standing by to help. You’ll be stronger for it. Nobody achieve anything great all alone.


7. “I believe in you.”


People doubt themselves sometimes. You do, I do, we all do. Even the most confident among us sometimes needs a friend to remind them that they are good enough. 

Super positive people are these kinds of friends. They say to others, “I believe in you” and guide them to a better way. 

Say this to others and you will be an inspiration to them. You’ll comfort and foster gratitude and positivity all around you. That's what life's about.


8. “I trust you.”


We all need to be pushed at times, especially when we fall short. Super positive people have faith in people. They step up to push and be more of a coach or mentor to others. They trust in the abilities of others and tell them as much to inspire them to be better. 

Say to people, “I trust you.” It’s a powerful statement that brings out the best in people. As the late, NFL coach Vince Lombardi rightly said: “Leadership is getting someone to do what they don’t want to do, to achieve what they want to achieve."


9. “You really impress me.”


When others put a marked effort or demonstrate great skill or knowledge in something, super positive people are quick to recognize these things and commend them for it. People love and appreciate that guesture. 

If you want to see how effective such sentiments have, just read this short bit of dialogue from the 1997 movie As Good As It Gets in which Jack Nicholson’s character offers Helen Hunt’s character the ultimate compliment: “You make me want to be a better man.” 

Tell people they impress you sincerely. It shows you see people’s good side and you appreciate them. That is guaranteed to elicit positive responses.


10. “I’m sorry.”


Super positive people are not haughty as to refuse to apologize when they’ve clearly committed a fault or have done something they are sorry about. They are also not inconsiderate as to refuse to express their feelings of sympathy to someone who deserves it. They say, “I’m sorry” all the time when it is deserved. 

Say this too, and mean it. People appreciate these two little words greatly when said sincerely. However, they resent the same words and find them annoying when said insincerely.


11. “Let’s take some time off.”


Super positive people know that true happiness and success calls for a holistic approach and experience. It’s an approach filled with laughter, family, friends, vacations, and hours of downtime as well. So, when they (or someone else) could benefit from some time off, and it’s appropriate, they are not afaid to say: “Let’s take some time off!” 

Workloads vary for everyone, but taking a break or vacation can be the best decision you make for yourself and others. It will allow you to rest and re-energized for true success and well-being.


12. “You’re welcome.”


Instead of a bland little, “Yep” or “No worries” or “No problem,” truly positive people say, “You are welcome” when people express their gratitude to them. 

Saying “You are welcome” doesn’t deflate another person’s gratitude, rather it dignifies it. It shows that you not only acknowledge the sentiments, but that you believe that person deserves your act(s) of kindness, help or recognition. 

Say “You are welcome” to people when they thank you for something positive, worthy or nice you did.


13. “Thank you.”


This is arguably one of the most overlooked but impactful simple phrases in the English language. Super positive people do not underestimate its power. They say “Thank you” all the time when people do positive, kind things to them. 

Say thank you to people who do good. These two little words pack a heck of a punch and spread a wave of positive energy that reverberates all around.

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Photo: Annais Ferreira / Flickr