Maintain Proper Home Air Moisture: 3 Tips for Buying Bedroom Humidifiers

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During winter, people tend to experience dryness of skin, chapping of lips, congested sinuses, and coughing. This is due to the inadequate amount of moisture available in the air.

And to prevent these issues, using a bedroom humidifier is recommended. These entities are made to increase the moisture levels that are present in the air by transforming water into vapor.

Bedroom humidifiers don’t just ease the problems caused by the dryness of air, but they also help transform the room into a relaxing and calm space that is beneficial for sleeping.

However, bedroom humidifiers could also end up harming one’s health, especially if they aren’t cleaned and maintained regularly.

Filthy humidifiers can breed bacteria and molds and cause condensation on the walls; thus, it is very important to not only buy the right one, but also clean it from time to time.


Bedroom Humidifier Buying Guide: Top Tips and Factors to consider


To find the best bedroom humidifier, you should focus on their attributes like noise, effectiveness, design, and ease of use.


Honeywell hev620 humidifier in bedroom on the carpet next to bed with filter removed. Image: Yourbestdigs/Flickr


With that in mind, here are some more tips and key factors to consider before buying a bedroom humidifier.


1. Types of Humidification Processes


In general, bedroom humidifiers use two types of processes in generating the moisture and stream; this includes evaporative and ultrasonic.

Among the two types, evaporative is the most common one because it is generally cheap. On the other hand, ultrasonic is a little pricey because it produces a finer mist of water.

Although both types can be used for cool and warm mist models, ultrasonic is considered to be safer because it doesn’t produce mist through the boiling of water making it not a hazard especially when knocked over.


2. The Capacity


Before buying any bedroom humidifier, it is important to initially determine the exact size of the room to know what humidifier could cover the area. As an example, models having 700 square feet are adequate for a small room such as the bedroom.

Condensation might happen on the in-windows if the humidifier is larger than the room size. This would cause mildew and bacteria to grow which would risk the health of anyone staying within the environment. To avoid this, check the packaging because the capacity is often denoted there.

However, this should not be confused with the output of moisture for which should be more than the capacity of the water tank; the size of the water tank depends on the convenience chosen by the buyer or owner.


3. The Cool and Warm Mist


The types of bedroom humidifiers can vary depending on the mist they can produce—the cool mist, warm mist, or both.

A humidifier that produces a cool mist has the same temperature as the room, while the humidifier with the warm mist boils the water first before dispersing it. The latter type is said to have an advantage because it kills off mold and bacteria available in the water before people can breathe it in.

However, for some people, they feel that a cool-mist is better and safer especially then there are young individuals present. These humidifiers have models that purify and humidify the air just as similar to warm-mist humidifiers.




Although it is not a necessity, bedroom humidifiers are also very beneficial to one’s home. They not only make the air clean and pure, but also keep the level of moisture in the air proper and appropriate.

With hundreds of models and types available in the market today, you should make sure to find the best bedroom humidifier for your home.

As discussed above, buyers should focus on the design, effectiveness, portability, and compatibility of the products to lessen the risk of experiencing any health problems and physical hazards.

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