Is Your Smartphone Listening in On Your Conversations?

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With today’s modern technology, it is very easy to monitor someone. This can happen even without your knowledge via the mobile gadgets we carry everywhere every day.

Phone tracking apps, for example, have emerged and may be used for positive reasons, such as to reduce the worries of people who want to protect their loved ones by tracking their real-time movements via the loved one’s smartphone.

The tracking apps allows you to monitor the calls, text messages, and current GPS location of the target cell phone, giving parents true parental control to monitor what their children are doing on their mobile gadgets in order to protect and stop inappropriate activities.

Some tracking applications also allow you to access several messaging apps like Whatsapp and Snapchat, as well as providing access to much more.

Employers have been able to use the tracking apps to gain real-time access to employees’ devices, quietly watching if any employee is misusing company data or doing other inappropriate or harmful activities on the company’s internet network.

However, as it often happens, some people use tracking apps against other people for the wrong reasons and with malicious intents. Hackers and stalkers, for example, are enemies who can use spyware against you and your friends and family.

Bad characters can hack our mobile phones and track innocent children to tease or threaten them, and even blackmail adults and threaten harm to them. Since about 70% of people today use smartphone devices, it’s possible you too may get hacked and tracked.

One of the ways malicious people track others is by listening to your conversations without your knowledge. And there are many common situations when a stranger can spy on you and many reasons why they may want to do so and eavesdrop on your conversations.


Why someone may want to eavesdrop on your conversations


The different reasons and situations an unauthorized person may want to listen to your conversation, chats, voice commands, and calls vary, including:

  • If you are a loyal employee of any organization, a predator may be in search of a chance to attack you. There could be vast reasons, maybe the person wants to get some weak points of the business or wants secret data by offering you some money or a competitor wants to hurt a business by attacking their faithful employees.
  • Some of your relatives may be jealous of you and they want to grab something of yours, so they monitor you and what you’re doing.
  • Or, maybe someone wants to steal from your home and they want to know when you’re not home by listening in to your conversations.
  • Someone may be secretly listening to you and your partner’s conversation to get embarrassing or compromising information they can use to blackmail or threaten you that they will upload it on the internet.

These are just some the many common reasons malicious individuals can attack you and use spyware to secretly monitor you and cause harm. That’s why it’s important to stay vigilant always when using modern smart gadgets and phones in your everyday life.


How to know someone is tracking your smartphone and conversations



Usually, it is hard to know when someone hacks your mobile device. But there are signs you can see when someone accesses your mobile without permission to listen to your conversations.

  • You may feel disruption during calls and hear weird noises.
  • Your smartphone battery will drain quicker than before. You can confirm it by changing your battery. If you still notice this problem, something is amiss and someone maybe spying on you.
  • Your monthly internet data will start depleting earlier and quicker than is normal.
  • You may also see strange lights flicker and flash on your mobile device.

All that may point to something happening behind your back that you need to investigate further and put a stop to if it is unauthorized spying.


Precautionary measures to avoid smartphone eavesdropping and spying


There are many ways to avoid all those situations in which someone can hack your phone and listen to your conversations without your knowledge, including.

  • Get rid of mobile spy software so hackers can't and won't be able to steal your secret conversations. One way to do that is to buy an anti-spy software and install it on your smartphone. Or, you could reset your device to factory settings so that all spy and extra software will automatically be remove from your device.
  • Never let your device out of your sight for extended periods, especially in gatherings and parties. It just takes a few minutes to install a mobile tracker app on the targeted device.
  • Put strong passwords on your devices, so if someone tries to install anything on it they will not be able to get access in to the device.
  • In your mobile settings, look through all installed apps. Search “spy,” “threat,” “hack” words there. If there is any spying app, you may be able to detect it and delete it.
  • If you suspect signs of hacking, you can go to an expert technician and ask them to investigate it further and remove any spy app installed on your device.
  • Disconnect from unsecured Wi-Fi and do not login to your sensitive accounts on public internet networks.
  • Also put your smartphone on silent mode and lower the volume when talking in open and public places.

While technology has been great, it helps people perform tasks better and makes our lives easier, it can (and has) also been misused to harm people. Hackers, stalkers and other bad actors are always lurking and they could attack at any time. You need to stay vigilant and on guard always.

Protect yourself and your family by adopting all the necessary precautions to use smartphones and other tech safely and securely.

Addison Albert is journalist, social media activist and blogger at Techscrolling. He is passionate content manger and contributes towards digital parenting, kids online and offline issues and solution. To know more about him, follow twitter @addisonalbert55.