How to Help Your Kids Appreciate Music

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You will not believe the magic music can bring out in your kids!


Music plays a very vital role in everyone's life. Whether it's listening or playing, different people find different music genres friendly with them.

However, for children, their future - or even current - music tastes would highly depend on what they are exposed to.

But before we get into that, what exactly are we referring to when we say music?


What is music?


Music could be termed as instrumental or vocal sounds that are put together to have a harmonious sound. It could be intoned, tunes, or melody and can be printed, written, or sang to produce rhythm.

Music can have pitch and rhythm dynamics and is often aimed at making a unified composition of words.

There are numerous aspects to which you can find kids' music. This could be in theaters, movies, television, celebrations, and even during worship.

Ideally, the most common way to find children's music at home is from the internet, radios, and televisions. In the present day, music also remains a cultural aspect that children can learn.


Role of Music in children


Notably, from birth, parents use music as a way of soothing their children. They can also use it as a way of showing joy and interactions with them. It is from these early stages that children get to learn about music. As they grow, kids can also improve their social skills and get impacted with the necessary child development skills.

Music is essential in developing the brain, especially in the acquisition of different languages and reading skills. Children of all ages will display different ways of responding to music. Infants will sway or even bounce to the music beats, while more grown children will try to sing along, grasp some words, play instruments, or sing as a group.

It is essential to expose children early enough to music. Despite learning, children grow intellect, social skills, and get motor skills. Interestingly, some have grown to be good dancers' overtime.

Most children, however, will recognize the melody before the words. Music induction in the kids may start as early as when they are in the womb. For example, there have been different confessions of children having tummy kicks when good music is playing.


Tips to help your kids to appreciate music


Kids could grow to like or dislike different genres of music. To ensure your child grows to appreciate this beautiful art, you can use some of the following crucial points:


1. Be a lover of music


If you want your kid to appreciate good music, make it a habit to listen to music regularly. Show the child you understand the piece by telling them about the word meanings, instruments, or views on the songs playing.

Depending on their age, you could even ask them what they understand in the songs or opinions. That way, you will be providing a ground for them to love and enjoy good music.


2. Teach them how to sing


Kids require bonding with their guardians. This could come when listening to children's music or other music genres.

Ideally, you could normalize singing along with them and help them understand the words in terms of meaning and pronunciation. Show them that you enjoy the music and even try some little dancing anytime you are around them.

As much as they get to enjoy the music, kids also feel loved and appreciated.


3. Show interest in music instrumentations


Displaying your passion for music or any other interest makes the children interested in turn. Kids are most likely prone to following what they see their parents do.

You could attend singing practices for your church choir, during home celebrations, or even show some skill in playing home or professional instrument.


4. Provide a musical environment for them


There are a lot of musical instruments for kids. However, you don't have to buy them. Children can be lured to it through video games, Limbo, children’s compact discs, and shows.

How about you have musical toys in their rooms, play games with music with them, or allow them to join music groups?


5. Attend music concerts with them


Music concerts are essential in instilling kids with a love of music. Live performances, for instance, would give them a new view of music.

Presumably, the kids would note the joy the singers portray and the energy. Interestingly, they can also get to like an artist or meet one they already look up to.


6. Encourage rehearsals and singing groups


Children need your support every time they get interested in some career or practice. It is in these processes that they get to know the bad and good ideas.

Encouraging a child to appreciate music could be a way to allow them to join music groups in the Sunday schools or community. Please support them by facilitating their training. You can buy them a musical instrument, costume, or drop them at their practicing ground.

In a Broadway school, for example, children and other students are exposed to singing platforms. They also get training, instilled confidence, and choose to go for programs of their choice. From such exposures, kids will come to love music and even join higher music and theater programs.

From the above tips, you can quickly get your child to appreciate good music. You will not believe the magic it works!

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