Top Digital Marketing Statistics & Techniques You Should Know

Originally published - June 2019


It should go without saying that creative business owners, marketers and brands need to keep abreast of digital marketing trends and techniques each passing day. These are constantly changing in the industry, and for your marketing campaigns to be as effective as possible, you must always keep track of the latest trends and stay in touch with the upcoming ones.

Nevertheless, some trends don’t change. For example, Google is still the dominant web search engine, responsible for around 94% of total organic traffic. The importance of being on the first page is real, as over 75% of people don’t even bother to go any further.

While social media marketing is expanding, search engines still dominate in this category, bringing in 300% more traffic to websites than the SM platforms.

Local SEO is often underrated, although latest stats tell a different story. Namely, every third mobile search is location-based, and every other mobile user who conducts a local search visits the store within the next day.

Speaking of mobile, stats show that 58.67% of all online traffic come from mobile phones as of 2023. This is a rise from the year before, so it’s clear that this trend is growing over the years.

Social media marketing is mostly dominated by five different platforms – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. 

While longer and detailed content seem to be more valued on search engines, the same can be said for Facebook, as blog posts 1,500 words long or more receive 22.6% more likes than others.

Lengthy blogs receive more 61.8% more Tweets as well. Nevertheless, the advertising effectiveness on Facebook and Instagram is still dominated by images.

When it comes to B2B marketers, their preferred platform is LinkedIn, as 80% of B2B leads come from here (the rest comes from Facebook and Twitter).

Video marketing is as equally important. Almost half of all internet users like to watch videos related to the product they’re interested in before visiting a store.

While Facebook is trying to catch up, YouTube is still the undisputed champion when it comes to video with over one billion users today. 

We’ve only started to scratch the surface of digital marketing trends with what we’ve written so far. To get the full story, we highlight an infographic that details some of the top digital marketing stats and techniques you should know about.


Digital Marketing Trends & Stats for Success - Infographic


Check out the infographic below about the digital marketing stats, strategies, and techniques every marketer and business owner should know to thrive in our current digital age.

From social media to video content and local SEO, implement the techniques and strategies mentioned in the infographic to achieve more success in your digital marketing campaigns.

Nick Galov is Head of Content and Community Manager at HostingTribunal, which comprises a handful of geeks who dabble with the latest technologies to help web hosting companies improve their services. Through impartial reviews and detailed case studies, Nick helps people find the most suitable hosting provider.