Can Pets Get Covid-19? How to Take Care of Your Pets During the Pandemic

Pets have sadly been bearing the brunt of Covid without much attention given to them.


While Covid-19 thankfully seems to be slowing in many parts of the world, the pandemic is not yet over. There have, of course, been many types of challenges during these troubling times. 

One challenge that many pet owners still face is how to best take care of their beloved animals during the pandemic. If you are a pet owner, read on for some helpful tips.


Pets Can Get Covid-19


While more research is still needed, at present there is no evidence that human beings can catch Covid-19 from pets. But a handful of pets have tested positive for Covid-19 and preliminary research suggests humans can transmit the virus to some pets.

In fact, most of the cases involving dogs, cats, hamsters, and ferrets that tested positive for Covid-19 are thought to have arisen from becoming infected by their owners.

The good news is only a few of the animals have exhibited respiratory problems and all seem to have recovered.

Still, just like you take precautions to stop getting and spreading Covid-19, precautions should be taken to protect your furry friends.


Your Pet Is Sick, Now What?


Should your pet become sick or test positive for Covid-19, you can first consult one of these veterinarians online to get quick professional advice without having to leave the house.

If you are advised to see a veterinarian in person, you will at least know where you stand. You will also have the time to find someone else to take your pet to the veterinarian if you test positive for Covid-19 yourself.


Pet Care Tips for Owners


To know how best to take care of your pets during the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ll refer to the guidelines for pet owners set out by the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


1. Wash Your Hands


Hopefully, everyone should now be used to washing their hands much more often to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 and other diseases. 

Well, the same applies to interacting with your pets. Always wash your hands before and after you interact, regardless of whether you are sick or test positive for Covid-19 or not.


2.  Restrict Interactions If You Are Sick


Should you test positive for Covid-19 or are sick, you should minimize your interactions with your pets as much as possible.

If it is feasible, self-isolate from your pets and get someone else to look after your pets during your illness or until you test negative.


3. Wear a Face Mask During Interactions


When you are sick with Covid-19 or test positive and you have no option but to interact minimally with your pets, take care of them by wearing a face mask during your interactions, such as feeding and refilling water bowls.

Do not hug your pet during that time. Do not share towels, clothing, or bedding either.


4. Keep Dogs on Leashes


If you are able to go outside, make sure your dog is kept on a leash if he or she tests positive for Covid-19.

Also, make sure you stay away from dog parks and do not let your dog interact with other dogs.


5. Keep Cats Inside


Dogs need walks to maintain good fitness, but cats are okay inside for a while.

So, if you have cats and they test positive for Covid-19 or appear to be sick, keep them inside.


6. Keep Pet Accessories Clean


Regardless of whether you or your pets are sick or not, you should ensure all of your pet accessories are kept clean.

That goes for collars, carriers, leashes, toys, and anything else that your pet uses. You should also keep your pet belongings away from other people’s pets.

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