Self-Motivation: 5 Things I Do to Motivate Myself to Write Every Day

Self-Motivation: 5 Things I Do to Motivate Myself to Keep Writing Every Day

Finding the motivation to write every day is easier said than done, but it is necessary to develop a daily writing habit and establish a career in writing. I should know because I often face a challenge of motivation when I sit down to write.

Don't get me wrong and claim that I'm not passionate or a devoted writer. I'm very passionate about this craft, and I will keep on using my pen until I draw my last breath.

It's just that writing can cause fatigue. It becomes too repetitive when I do it on a daily basis. As a result, I have to shake things up a bit and make the whole process a little more interesting.


Best Ways to Liven Up the Writing Process


Here are five things I do to liven up the writing process and "reinvigorate" myself whenever I feel uninspired or burned out.

Read this and maybe you'll find something of use to you also in your own writing practice here...


1. Focus more on the stuff that I like.


The readers are dead. This is my different approach to the "writer is dead" mentality. I tend to focus more on the stuff that I like, thinking of my readers as the least of my priorities. Yes, I don't get much attention by doing this but I find myself smiling and refreshed afterwards.

What some writers forget when they're practicing their craft is that they won't be able to entertain people unless they are happy and satisfied themselves. The most basic principle behind the writing craft is to express one's self, which is almost impossible if the writer is thinking about the audience 24/7!


2. Draw inspiration from other forms of art.


The way I see it, creativity transcends boundaries. It doesn't matter which form of art great thinkers utilize, creative thoughts will always inspire other people. This is the reason why I visit museums, attend concerts and join poetry conventions.

I seek forms of art that can pique my interest for I know that they will allow me to enhance my skills. Of course, I tend to develop my own ideas from time to time but I'm also aware of the many possibilities of refining another person's idea and turning it into my own.


3. Start the article by ending it.


This could be the strangest thing I do when writing. If you're familiar with the movie "Irreversible" then you're going to understand this practice much easier. To put it bluntly, I start with the finale and then move my way up to the Introduction.

By thinking of how I want my material to affect my readers, I'm able to make a conclusion of out it and have a "point of beginning". It's pretty hard to explain so it would be best if you would just try it out yourself. 


4. Take a road trip every now and then.


I believe that the four corners of my room serve as my "comfortable cage." More often than not, it is where the magic happens. However, staying too long in it isn't healthy for me. Thus, I take out of town trips every now and then to feast my eyes on something new.

Experience is the best teacher for me and I won't be able to share anything relevant unless I get to feel, hear and see interesting things. Do be warned in case you wish to go on a road trip yourself—bring your good old notebook and pen for there are still places out there where electricity isn't available.


5. Fire away and proofread another day.


I love the saying "There is beauty in imperfection" and so, most of my articles have tiny chinks in their armor. I do edit my work and make sure that everything is grammatically correct. Still, I can't say that I'm very fond of it.

Personally, I think that correcting stuff halts the flow of good ideas. Thus, I often write to my heart's content and leave proofreading for the day after. By doing this, I'm able to pour myself without worrying about anything.


Your turn...


These five things simply make my writing experience a lot more enjoyable. Others might find them eccentric, but they work for me.

But I'm curious about how you shake things up when writing! Feel free to share your own writing practices with us on social media.

Katherine Smithson is a copywriter who is trying to pave her way through the blogging realm. She is currently venturing in modern writing and blogging for different websites and someday may be able to make a name in the industry of blogging and writing per se.

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