ActiveOps Releases WorkiQ 8.0 to Define, Plan & Optimize Hybrid Working

New functionalities to WorkiQ see vital additions to workforce intelligence on work location, performance, and office eligibility for better hybrid working optimization.


ActiveOps PLC, the management process automation company has announced a significant update to its leading workforce intelligence solution. WorkiQ 8.0 gives operations managers enhanced insights to effectively manage teams in a hybrid environment, as well as make decisions about workload and work location, thus maximizing performance while protecting wellbeing.

The latest release of WorkiQ, adds several new capabilities supporting managers navigating the increased complexity of the new hybrid workforce providing eligibility tracking, hybrid workforce location, and automated task counting that helps measure work outputs more efficiently.  

The pandemic has already forced a sea level of change in how operations managers understand their workforce, workload, and how it is forecast, leaving them in the dark as teams work remotely. Hybrid work and the constant change in government or organizational imposed mandates add a new layer of complexity, decreasing the confidence that managers can make decisions and manage the work and people effectively. 

The operational impact of managing these growing variables has real consequences for the workforce productivity and employee wellbeing, resulting in increased costs, talent attrition, and poor customer experience.

One new feature, the eligibility tracking, is in response to the challenge created by recent government or organization-imposed mandates to reduce the spread of Covid and keep employees safe. It helps operations managers plan work and resources, while remaining compliant with work policies and directives by showing who is eligible to work from different locations without revealing sensitive personal information. 

As hybrid working becomes the norm, organizations need to understand the impact on performance when employees work from home or an office location. Hybrid workforce location intelligence helps operations managers decide who works from where to deliver maximum productivity by layering location data with traditional performance metrics to produce an instant comparison.

The Collector, an automated task counter seamlessly counts the volume of completed work tasks without self-reporting, helping managers to connect time spent with actual output effortlessly and fine-tune how they manage workload to balance wellbeing with productivity and performance.

Richard Jeffery, CEO of ActiveOps, stated: 

"We have not only been listening to our existing customers, but we have also undertaken detailed research into the workplace of the future. This post-pandemic work environment with employees increasingly working remotely and businesses continuing to manage who can and cannot work in the office has profoundly impacted our product roadmap. 

The result is a radical enhancement of our market-leading workforce intelligence solution now future-proofed for the post-Covid world of work." 

This new version of WorkiQ gives operations:

  • Real-time visibility into workforce location. Who is working from home, the office, or elsewhere?
  • Who is eligible to work in various locations based on company policy, local or government mandates, and/or employee preference?
  • Real-time and historical details about team members' performance in any of these hybrid locations.

For enterprises, this data enables them to:  

  • Drive better decisions for hybrid workforce optimization  
  • Comply with organizational or governmental mandates without sacrificing operational performance
  • Increase visibility and insights into a hybrid workforce within any location
  • Spot early and minimize the risk of burnout, balancing performance and wellbeing
  • Reduce operational costs from overtime, outsourcing, and talent attrition

As with all ActiveOps solutions, WorkiQ uses the best practices of ActiveOps' proven Active Operations Management (AOM) methodology. Combining WorkiQ and AOM helps enterprises use real-time data to reinforce good behaviors and create an environment that continually improves employee performance.

"Workforce intelligence solutions like WorkiQ are increasingly recognized as essential for getting the full view of operations necessary to define, plan and deliver hybrid working at an enterprise level. When managers are supporting remote teams and may themselves be based from home or the office, it's challenging to get visibility of teams, their workloads, and their challenges. As a result, providing a safe work environment and removing the guessing game about hybrid work efficiency," concluded Jeffery.

These new functionalities are available as part of the WorkiQ Premium package. Existing customers can benefit from these new capabilities by contacting their ActiveOps Relationship Manager to discuss their options. 

Arina Popa is Product Marketing Manager at ActiveOps, a provider of digital operations management solutions to organizations. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.