5 Tips for Buying Makeup and Becoming a Smart Beauty Spender


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It really helps to observe due diligence when shopping for beauty and makeup products to find what works for you and save money while at it.

5 Tips for Buying Makeup and Becoming a Smart Beauty Spender

In the past, buying makeup at home while wearing your PJs seemed farfetched. But today, it's as normal as striding inside a store to get your beauty haul. The global pandemic and changes in the economic landscape have prompted shoppers to embrace online shopping more than ever.

Even the beauty industry has shown tremendous growth, with a whopping 213% increase from pre-crisis sales performance. It's making waves in the e-commerce world with the help of subscription boxes, social media, influencer culture, and user-friendly online stores.

Generally, online shopping is pretty straightforward. You visit an online or e-commerce store, add items to your cart, then check out. 

However, this feels very instant, especially for shoppers who prefer to see, feel, and smell the products inside a store before purchasing. Going from one counter to another to test serums, lipsticks, and creams can be a therapeutic experience, and maybe you miss doing that.

We understand if you're hesitating to buy personal care items that you haven't had the chance to try yourself. So, we've outlined some tips that can help you navigate online makeup shopping and save money while you're at it. 


Guide to Buy Makeup Online and Offline




1. Do your (skincare) homework


More often than not, people do thorough research when buying big-ticket items such as gadgets and appliances. 

Some makeup products may not be as expensive as these things, but being mindful of the products you apply to your skin is also a vital investment. Do your homework by reading online reviews of the right makeup for your skin type.

It would be best to read reliable makeup blogs, beauty editor suggestions, and articles backed up by expert recommendations. Follow your gut feel to gauge the genuineness of beauty influencers' posts and reviews. 

Learning what products work best for your skin type can help narrow your choices and encourage you to only browse specific products. 


2. Make beauty tutorials your friend


Watching the exceptional skills of YouTubers' makeup tutorials can be awe-inspiring. They can make you whip out your phone to order the products that made them all glammed up. 

But before you hit "buy," heed this advice: find an influencer who has a similar look and complexion as yours. 

If you follow an influencer who bears the same skin type and skin tone as you, you can find the perfect lipstick shade for you by checking out the colors and brands they commonly use.

Identifying what cosmetics are best for your skin tone can save you from buying something that won't look good on you. You won't waste money buying a foundation, for example, that's too light or too dark. 

Tutorials can also help you get your money's worth by teaching you to use the product correctly.


3. Write it down


Whether you're into TikTok beauty trends or YouTube makeup tutorials, it would be a great idea to list the products that catch your attention. Having a master list allows you to remember the brands, categories, and types of makeup recommended for your skin type. 

Take note of the kind of look you're aiming for and how to apply the products. You can refer to the list when doing your research. Eliminate the products that aren't good for you. 

When you've finalized your cheat sheet, you can start shopping. It can also serve as a database when you want to purchase a specific product again, whether online or in-store.

Having a list can also help you decide whether you really like a specific product for what it is, or you only want it because it's trendy. 


4. Subscribe to "The One"


When you've finally found the makeup that makes you look and feel on a whole new level, it's like finding "the one." Subscribe to that product so you'll never run out. Knowing that you'll always have that specific foundation that helps you get even skin tone can be priceless.

You can set up a schedule with several reliable e-tailers. Sometimes, you can even get good deals or discounts if you enroll in a subscription service. Just make sure that you've purchased and tried the makeup first before committing to buying for a few months.


5. Read the label


It's crucial to know what's in the product you are buying, especially since you're using it on your skin. There is a lot of information on the web that can walk you through harmful ingredients for skin. Trusted brands and stores will always reveal product information, and it's a red flag if they won't.

Don’t forget to check the cosmetic shelf life to know when it's safe to use a product. Mascara, for example, is only suitable for up to three months, while eyeshadow lasts for up to two years. Knowing the product's expiry dates can help you plan your makeup shopping accordingly.


In Conclusion


It is possible to build up your beauty products arsenal without overspending. And when you get the right beauty and makeup products, it can be your ally in making sure you always look and feel your best. 

Remember, when looking for the right makeup products and sifting through hundreds of online and in-store products, it will help if you know your skin type and research each of the products carefully. 

Leverage the tons of information on the web - videos, social media posts, and blogs - to create a beauty products arsenal that will give you more bang for your buck and make you truly glow.

Pia Rodriguez is a content marketing manager of Maybelline, a global cosmetic brand offering innovative, affordable, and effortless cosmetics for every woman. With years of experience, she manages Maybelline’s marketing content from creation down to its production.