10 Budget-Friendly Makeover Ideas for a Beautiful and Relaxing Bedroom


Sleep and rest are vital for your good health and success. So, when you are tired after a long day at work, or if you’ve moved into a new place, you’ll need to create a beautiful and calming space in the bedroom to rest and unwind.

The bedroom can be your refuge and favorite haven for relaxation.

To spruce up your bedroom and ensure it is a soothing, relaxing space, you won't need to spend too much time or thousands of dollars for it. There are easy makeover tips and tricks you can use to re-do your bedroom—easy bedroom decorating ideas that can be completed in just a day or two.

Many people who would love to redecorate their bedroom don’t because they are short of a budget and feel a complete room renovation is out of the question. Well, don't give up just yet. You may be surprised to learn that even moderate variations in the bedroom can make a huge impact.

You can actually give your bedroom a stylish makeover and beautiful new look with $100 or less.


Ideas to Spruce Up Your Bedroom for Under $100


Here are some top tips and ideas to redecorate and makeover your bedroom on a budget for a truly beautiful, relaxing and soothing space:


1) Apply a Fresh Coating of Paint


For a massive impact with minimum expenditure, provide your bedroom with a fresh coat of paint. It is possible to get a gallon of paint, rollers, brushes and painting necessities for approximately $100 if you steer clear of the most expensive designer brands.

Painting is simple enough for even beginning DIYers. Also, you ought to be able to complete painting your room in one weekend.

Whether your style is clean and white, calm and impartial, bright and daring or contemporary and dark, there is a paint color to suit your decorating sensibilities without breaking the bank.


2) Light Up with a Beautiful Lamp


Why are you okay with an uninteresting bedside table lamp, when stores like Lamps Plus, Target, and HomeGoods are brimming with enormous-looking lamps at affordable prices?

If your lamp holder is good-looking, just change the light shade. Otherwise, select a bright tone, a bold design, or a stimulating texture as a substitute of basic white.



3) Add Touches of Whimsy


Incorporate a bit of personality and a stylish update to your décor using one or two whimsical additions into the master bedroom.

Weave a rope of twinkle lights throughout your drape pole. Hang a vividly colored paper lantern from the ceiling. Surround your bed with netting or tulle hanging from the ceiling.

All of these add to your room a significant and beautiful effect, although not one of these costs more than a couple of dollars.


4) Dangle a Mirror or Two


Your eyes aren't misleading you: Mirrors make any room appear larger by sparkling light. A mirror for a headboard or leaning up against the wall can assist a little room feel large.


5) Update Bedroom Furniture


You don't have to pay thousands of dollars and rush outside to Restoration Hardware to upgrade your bedroom with new furniture.

First, be certain what type of furniture you have. You can make your bedroom spacious and attractive just by adding a custom bed. It looks gorgeous and can adjust in a little space.



6) Hung Bedroom Wall Decor


Do not forget to dangle wall art in your bedroom. It will not need to be expensive, and in fact, you may already possess photos or eyeglasses which just need new frames or mats.

And, in case you desire any out-of-the-box bedroom wall decoration thoughts, you can check your nearby art and craft store for inspiration.


7) Use of Woodwork


Old homes, from Victorian mansions to Craftsman bungalows, include eye-catching woodwork features. Their crown molding, chair rails, carved posts, and wainscoting all add visual appeal.

In modern homes, however, details such as this are not so common. But you can change that in your bedroom decorations.

Add your personal wish for some woodwork to spice up your walls. A jiffy of decorative woodwork takes a bedroom from builder-basic to custom on a managable budget.



8) Remember the Floor


You're missing out great color and appeal if you don't have an area rug in the bedroom. Besides, you can discover great rugs at rock-bottom deals at HomeGoods, Home Depot, and Target.

If your bedroom is covered with a carpet, coat a zone rug precisely on the top for an entirely new appearance. It can really make a difference.


9) Use Some Wallpaper


Wallpaper is available in a massive range of patterns, a number of them way too complicated to replicate using paint. It produces a durable surface that could be a lot easier to clean than painted wall.

But wallpaper is a lot costlier than even $ 1 a square foot. Besides, it takes longer to install on your walls. So, if you are on a budget, papering an entire room isn't your best option.

That being said, wallpaper can still have a place in a budget bedroom renovation work. By only using it to highlight some little space, it’s possible to get a significant impact with a small amount of paper.



10) Use Fabric


Another way to make a room look fresh and new is to modify the colors. Paint may be the most striking and affordable way to do this, but you can also create a significant effect with fabric.

Many different decorations for spaces in the home – for example, rugs, drapes, cushions, and furniture – are manufactured, made of, or covered in fabric. You can use that to your advantage.

Change these fabrics out as a way to bring coloring or replace a color you've grown tired of.

Amy Lara is a trusted author, bringing new ideas for creating unique and styled buildings. Her passion for making interiors and exteriors attractive encompass even metal buildings of all sorts. She has studied ‘Decoration with different Construction and Non-construction materials,’ and also worked with some of the nation's leading metal sheds manufacturers and suppliers.