The Different Types of Invisalign for Different Conditions

Smiling is free therapy, and the right kind of Invisalign can ensure you have the perfect smile.


 A woman wearing Invisalign. Photo: Will / Wikimedia.

It is said that a warm smile is the universal language of kindness.

Smiling is free therapy, and straight teeth (as opposed to crooked, misaligned teeth) can make for a bright and beautiful smile.

That means one of the best investments you can make to get a beautiful smile and increase your confidence is getting Invisalign.

Invisalign is a straightening dental treatment that makes use of a series of clear, plastic aligners that gradually close gaps, straighten, and align teeth.

Different from braces, Invisalign fit snugly over your teeth and are virtually invisible.

If you are considering getting this dental treatment for the perfect smile, there are several types of Invisalign for different dental conditions you should know about and can opt for:


1. Invisalign i7

Invisalign i7 is the preferred Invisalign solution if you have mild crowding of teeth. You can have the Invisalign i7 for a few months, let’s say three months, because they are specifically designed to help people with minor orthodontic complications.

The Invisalign i7, in most situations, comprises seven aligners, but it always advisable to consult your orthodontist for the best advice and suggestions.

Invisalign i7 will tackle mild crowding issue head-on because the aligners will move your teeth to the right strategic position suitable to give you a beautiful set of teeth that will reveal your smile.

Without any doubt, expect nothing less than exciting results in a very short time. The Invisalign cost of the i7 is about 1300 dollars, and you will find the cost worthy.


2. Invisalign Full



Misaligned teeth. Photo: Tim Regan / Flickr.

If you have complicated dental issues like extremely crooked teeth, overbites and underbites, they can be fixed by having a full Invisalign procedure.

The full Invisalign procedure needs the orthodontist to monitor your progress from time to time. That’s why this procedure usually ranges from one to two years.

After the procedure is completed, you still gain a confidence boost because of the use of clear aligner braces. Unless you tell someone you have the aligners, not many people will notice.

You can remove full Invisalign when eating, meaning you are assured of no discomforts and restrictions that may hinder you from having and enjoying your meals.

Since the clear aligners are smooth, you can also easily do your oral hygiene normally and comfortably.


3. Invisalign Express


This type of Invisalign is recommended for people who have minor dental problems. Since Invisalign express is for minimal teeth problems, you only need to use them for a shorter period, like six months. They are best suited for dental problems like crowded teeth and mild spaces.

Getting the Invisalign express is beneficial because you will be able to achieve straight teeth, hence getting a beautiful smile that will increase your confidence and self-esteem.

Choosing to get the Invisalign express is a good option because it is short-term, so there will be minimal lifestyle change.

Handling and maintenance of the Invisalign express is also easy and the experience is not painful—you will not get irritation in your mouth or your gums caused by the stress of the supporting jaw bone and joints.

Moreover, cleaning them is easy since the aligners are removable; hence you can maintain your oral hygiene.


4. Invisalign Lite


Invisalign lite is specifically designed to help patients suffering from dental problems that are either mild or moderate.

Getting an Invisalign lite procedure means that you will get fourteen clear teeth aligners that you will have for like seven months at most. The comfort of the Invisalign lite is enhanced by 3D technology that is used to create clear aligner trays.

For tiny spaces between teeth, minor overcrowding, crooked front teeth, wrongly positioned teeth, or misalignment between upper and lower teeth, it’s advisable that your orthodontist carries out the Invisalign lite procedure to fix your teeth.

Since the Invisalign lite is not prone to damages, you’ll find you require zero extra maintenance, and you can also easily remove them when taking your meals.


5. Invisalign Teen


If you are a teenager and you need to get the Invisalign clear aligners, you should consider getting the Invisalign teen.

The clear Invisalign aligners have been made in such a way that while the teenager has them, there is still space for growth and the development of strong jaws.

What distinguishes the Invisalign teeth from other Invisalign aligners is a blue dot indicator.

The Invisalign teen is replaceable after a very short time, like between two to three weeks. The good thing about the Invisalign teen is that a teenager can wear them anytime, either in class, on the field, on social occasions, without getting noticed.

Smiling is important in life. It attracts people from afar and allows you to express yourself, putting you and others in a good mood.

With more beautiful and confident smiles in the world, we can make a less stressful and kinder world since genuine beautiful smiles lift people’s mood and inspire kindness.