Should You Buy Safety Bed Alarms? (What to Check if You Buy)

Safety bed alarms and sensor pads can be very helpful for people sharing a bed, high risk patients and seniors in hospital or at home, and even kids in their sleeping quarters to prevent falls and injury.


The safety bed alarm is an innovative device designed to detect movement in a bed and sound an alarm to wake you up and alert you to any number of potential dangers, like rolling off the bed and falling down while sleeping. They help protect against falling out of the bed, rolling off your bed, or even being pushed out of bed by another person in the room with you.

While safety bed monitoring alarms and bed exit alarm pads are particularly helpful for caregivers and people with health issues like Alzheimer's disease that might try to get out of bed and wander off and those who are at risk for falling, not all safety bed alarms are foolproof.

Certain factors and features of safety bed alarms can make them less or more effective than others in different situations, including the nature and volume of the alert sound and the quality of material used to make the device.

As such, when it comes to injury and fall prevention in bed, it’s important to think through weather a safety bed alarm is really a good fit for you, and which features of the device (if any) would work best in your particular situation.

For example, some features you should consider before buying a safety bed alarm include:


Universal Usability


You can only use some safety bed alarms on one bed, and others can be used on all beds in your home.

If you have more than one bed or intend to get more in the future, look for an alarm with a universal design. That way you won’t need to replace it if you buy another bed.


Longevity and Ease of Cleaning


When purchasing anything for yourself or your loved ones, consider longevity. Something that is made well will last longer than something that isn’t, simple as that.

Besides the quality of material used, also find out how easy it is to clean. Ensure that whatever safety product you buy can easily be cleaned without damaging its components.

Other things to consider when deciding whether to buy a safety bed alarm or not, and which features of the device to choose include:


Bed safety monitor alarm system.


Bed Alarm Vs. Call Bell


A safety bed alarm can be used when you’re not able to communicate verbally or see properly. A call bell may be used to communicate with caregivers or loved ones instead of using words.

To determine if either would be useful, ask yourself some basic questions:

  • Do you or your loved one have any vision impairment?
  • Is it hard for you or your loved to focus on what you are saying?
  • Do you or your loved get tired quickly during conversations?

 If you answered yes to these questions, then a bed alarm may be right for you.


Visible or Hidden Buzzer or Siren


If you have young children, you may want to monitor your child’s movements in bed at night. In this case, you can consider sound-only alarms or alarms that show both sound and light.


Volume Control Options


The idea behind these high-tech devices is that you will wake up upon hearing an alarm when you are in danger. If you have a problem when things get too loud, you can opt for a bed alarm with variable volume control options, so you control how loud the alarm can get.  

When looking at potential bed alarms and the level of loudness they can get, compare their decibel ratings. Ideally, look for one that tops out at around 90 decibels and has volume control options. This option gives you more flexibility without compromising your safety.


Is There Any Guarantee or Warranty Available?


It’s difficult to know exactly how long each device will last, so if you can get some warranty assurance that your investment is durable and safe to use, that’s great.

Check with the company or brand representative available to get a product guarantee when buying your bed alarm.

Also, look for the more reputable companies and brands selling safety bed alarms on the internet when shopping online and compare the kind of warranties or guarantees they offer. Buy from companies that offer the best guarantee and products that have good reviews from users.

Ultimately, no matter what kind of alarm you decide to buy, ensure it is placed in the clear view of caregivers and potential help. There's no point in installing a safety alarm if no one can hear it or knows where it is located.