How to Create a Simple and Effective Business Proposal Every Time

When you're in business, you'll likely need to create a business proposal more than once, so knowing how to write a business proposal effectively is critical.

Since there are multiple types of business proposals, you also need to learn the type that you need for each situation and write a suitable and successful proposal each time.   

Continue reading and we will fill you in on the best way to prepare your business proposal.


The 411 On Creating an Effective Business Proposal


Whether you're using a proposal template or not, it is still helpful to understand the process of writing one from scratch.

Here’re top tips that will make it easy for you to write a simple and effective proposal like a pro.


1. Remember It Is Not a Business Plan


When you're writing, it can be easy to get off track and start making your proposal sound like a business plan.

Unlike a business plan, a business proposal is written directly from an established business to a prospective client. You're trying to win their business vs. trying to sell then on the fact that you have a good business idea. So…


2. Get the Format Right


The format of your business proposal is essential because it will either make it easy for your prospective client to navigate, or it will turn them off because of its unneeded complexity.

While some may argue that there is no single formula to write a business proposal, a simple and effective business proposal format should, of necessity, have a:

  • Title page
  • Table of contents
  • Executive summary
  • Statement of the problem you'll solve
  • Your approach
  • Qualification
  • Schedule
  • Cost & any legal matters
  • Benefits

When you look at this long list that you need to include in your business proposal, the first thing that comes to your mind might be – "How long is this going to be?"


3. Keep It as Long as It Needs to Be


There is no clear answer to how long a business proposal should be. The consensus is that the business proposal should be as long as it needs to get the point across. But don't draw your proposal out just because you want it to look thicker when they see it.

If you only need a few pages to explain everything, keep it short and to the point so they can quickly look over it. You also shouldn't leave out important points because you're afraid that your business proposal is going to look too long and daunting for them to go through.

If you aren't confident with your writing skills, you might want to have someone else look over it for any errors or areas where you can improve. It never hurts to have a second pair of trained eyes go through your proposal to point out things you might have missed.

Be sure to make any necessary final improvements or changes spotted in this step before delivering your proposal to the potential customers or clients.  


As long as you include all of the vital information listed above, your business proposal will be effective, whether it is solicited or unsolicited.

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