Top 5 Free CRM and Marketing Software for Real Estate Agents

5 Free Real Estate CRM and Marketing Software for Agents

Real estate marketing would easily be one of the most challenging, and yet it is one of the most rewarding niches in the world.

The real estate industry is one where the requirement for hard work is quite high and the rewards are just as high. You would have to be able to sell not just a home or a commercial property, but also a lifestyle if you want to make a killing and a name for yourself in the industry.

Being a real estate agent or a real estate company is all about being able to reach out to people and pitch them a lifestyle that would fit into the vision they have for their future. More than anything else, the real estate business owner or real estate agent would have to be a trustworthy person who would know the ins on the most desirable properties at the best prices and would be a person about whom you can easily speak within your family and friend circle.

Now, let us speak about sales and marketing. Selling anything today has become a matter of great challenge. In the past two decades, digital marketing has gone through a lot of evolution which makes CRM and marketing automation commonplace now.

The best real estate CRM platform would be able to bring in plenty of information backed by the right functions within your sales pipeline so that you can easily make a sale. 

Yet, it is not as simple as that. A CRM framework would have to be designed and customized as per your industry requirements and the niche that your business exists in. And in real estate, this is an extremely important factor you must consider.


Why You’d Want to Have a Real Estate CRM


The reason why any real estate company would want to take CRM into consideration is because this would make life really easy for the company in more ways than one. 

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider the best CRM for your real estate business:

  • Information: There is a plethora of information out there in the digital world, which is why it is known as big data; such is the size and magnitude of all the data. Yet, in this data lies insights and a whole other world of opportunities that can truly take your business to the next level in a much faster manner. You can get yourself and your real estate business a real estate CRM so that you can organize this data and information to help you meet the needs of your customers in a particular location. This information and the insights it reveals can be used in various databases that match the various functions and properties.
  • Teams: In a real estate deal, there are a whole lot of people who get involved for various things like the financing, the agent who shows the place, the endorsers, the sellers, the buyers, the real estate developers and much more. The real estate CRM platform that you use should ideally allow you to create collaborations between all these people so that the functions can go from party to the other at the right time. This should also be done so that everyone knows what their role is and when they have to step in so that they can engage with the customer accordingly. This kind of collaboration keeps things efficient and organized and it negates any kind of chaos that can come from too many functions that would have to be fulfilled at the same time for the real estate deal to happen.
  • Location and Lifestyle: Real estate is all about one’s life and how one wants to live. Lifestyle is a major element along with the location. In fact, the best real estate CRM would take these two things into account so that targeted campaigns can be created and executed for you to be able to find those kinds of customers with ease. You should also be able to articulate the needs of your core audience to be able to fully engage them since there are many real estate names and properties in a single area and you need to create the basis for people to take you more seriously.


Top 5 Best Free Real Estate CRMs in the Market


The most important thing that the best real estate CRM would take into account is the reputation of the real estate person and how this can be managed.

Here are the 5 best free real estate CRM platforms that you can turn to:

  1. EngageBay: This is a one size fits all CRM platform that has over 1200 customers all over the world, from a number of industries including real estate. You can initially try the platform for free and see for yourself how its wide range of features help you out in your endeavor to up your rate of conversion. This affordable platform also offers you plenty of support for setup and similar technical aspects of the software.
  2. Podio: This is a project management and CRM tool that helps you collaborate with a number of people on the single platform. This platform has limited features and the higher features come at a slightly expensive rate as compared to other platforms like EngageBay.
  3. Agile CRM: This is one of the oldest CRM systems that can be used for the real estate segment as well. With the features here, you can be sure that sales acceleration will become a reality.
  4. Open Real Estate CSM: This is a CRM scripting system that will help you get the framework in place as long as you have the technical talent that can help you script the same.
  5. FreshSales: This is also a well-known platform that can be the best real estate CRM platforms for your real estate needs. It has several features that basically aim at optimization through email marketing so that the customer can be reached and engaged with the entire team in place.

Out of the above, you will surely find the best CRM suited for your real estate sales and marketing.

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