7 Common Air Duct Cleaning Myths Debunked

Air duct cleaning is a critical component of maintaining your HVAC system. There are, however, certain myths you need to be aware of and dispel.


There is a lot of information out there about air duct cleaning. Some of them may be very misleading.

We set out to find some of the common myths that could be contributing to the efficient running of your HVAC.

Read on to know what they are and what you should be doing instead. 


1. Your air duct doesn't need cleaning because it doesn't get dirty.


Some people claim that air duct cleaning is unnecessary. According to them, the level of dust accumulation is insufficient to warrant a cleaning. This may not be further from the truth.

There are so many things floating in the air; most we cannot see with our naked eyes, dust, fiber, hair, dead skin, and so much more. At some point, these particles will settle on surfaces. They will also find their way into the air duct.

If you do not clean it, the dirt will continue to accumulate. Over time, it will cause issues with your HVAC. 


2. The odor in your house will improve when you clean your ducts.


On its own, cleaning air ducts does not result in a nice smelling house. If you have a mold problem, for example, the unpleasant smell will persist. It doesn't matter even if the experts use cleaning products with a pleasant scent.

Your best bet is to go right to the source of the odor problem. Mold and rodent removal and sealing cracks can help. 


3. Air duct cleaning will improve airflow.


Cleaning your air ducts does not result in an instant improvement in airflow.  Many factors determine how air moves within the home. The most significant factor is the layout of your duct system.

While it is true, cleaning does keep away the dirt and debris buildup. It cannot correct a poorly designed layout.

Any damages to the system will also impact the airflow. Cracks, broken parts, and condensation are some of the things you need to watch out for.

If you notice a problem with the heating and cooling, let the experts assess the system and advise appropriately. 


4. You must clean air ducts every year.


Many factors determine whether you need to clean your air ducts. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous service providers may play upon customer ignorance to make money.

Experts recommend that you schedule a thorough cleaning at least once every three to five years. Before they embark on any cleaning, they will carry out a proper assessment.

In some instances, they may defer the cleaning to a later date. It may happen if they determine that the dust or dirt levels are not significant.

Air duct cleaning is critical under certain conditions. Such include:

  • If you have recently remodeled or renovated your house. The construction company must seal the ducts before beginning work.  But, this may not always be the case.  Cleaning removes any dirt that will find its way into the system.
  • If you have animal infestation within the system. Rodent droppings, for example, can lead to foul odors and dirt buildup.
  • If there is mold or signs of contamination within the system
  •  An increase in allergic reactions within the home may be attributable to a dirty HVAC system.


5. You must always hire an expert to clean your air ducts.


We will start by saying that it is critical to hire an expert for a thorough or professional-grade cleaning job. But you can also play a part in maintaining the system. It is possible to do some simple DIY cleaning once in a while.

You need very basic tools like a vacuum cleaner, long-handled brush, piece of cloth, and screwdriver. Take care when cleaning the various components so that you do not damage them. Switch off the electrical system so that you do not run the risk of electrocuting yourself.

Changing the air filter is not difficult, but if you have any doubts, you can consult. Buy a good quality air filter for better efficiency.

Carrying out such maintenance work will keep your HVAC in good working order. You will also realize savings because it helps reduce the number of times you have to call in the experts.


6. You need specialized cleaning solutions to clean your air ducts.


This is another tactic from unscrupulous air duct cleaning specialists. As we have stated in our point above, you do not even need to have any chemicals. A damp piece of cloth, vacuum cleaner, and brush are enough for DIY cleaning.

For professional-grade cleaning, the experts may use specific cleaners depending on what they find. Mold and mildew removal, for example, may require such. The company you contract should advise you appropriately if they need to use any. 


7. Using a humidifier is the reason why you have mold in your air duct


Mold will grow anywhere there is moisture. While it is true a humidifier can contribute to the growth, it is not the only reason. Humidity can collect around the HVAC vents. Cool air will condense and accumulate, resulting in the perfect breeding ground for mold.

Air duct cleaning helps eliminate such.  It is critical to understand that breathing in mold spores can affect your health. If you determine there is mold, let the experts handle its removal. Improper handling can result in the spores finding their way into the atmosphere. 


In conclusion


Air duct cleaning is a critical component of maintaining your HVAC system. There are, however, certain myths you need to be aware of that we’ve highlighted above.

Remember, it is crucial to have the right air duct cleaning company on your dial list. They will carry out a thorough assessment of your system when the need arises. You also get advice on when to clean it, repair or replace parts.

In these tough economic times, it doesn't hurt to save a few shillings when you can. Teach yourself basic air duct maintenance tips. It helps maintain the system in good working order in between professional-grade cleaning.

However, be careful about how you handle the different components. Incorrect cleaning techniques and tools can damage some of them. Repairs can cost thousands of dollars, so only take on the job if you are confident you can do it.