4 Daily Habits You Should Practice to Create an Epic Life

 Good and positive habits are like wildfire—they spread and they brighten your entire day, leading to a truly epic life.


It is hard to make or break a habit, but it’s totally possible to do it.

However, there is only so much we can do in our daily routines – with more tasks piling up each day. But then we hear about someone who broke the wheel and reinvented a new life for themselves. We hear about a celebrity who was said to be an alcoholic, shifting their ways and becoming clean.

There are many stories of people who put an end to their struggles and long-going misery, reshaping their days and lives in a positive and constructive way.

The truth is, good and positive habits are like wildfire too—they spread and they brighten your entire day, ultimately leading to an epic life.

However, nothing good ever came quickly. You have to learn the principle of sacrifice to change a habit. To get to somewhere better, you must let go of something.

We assure you that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and you will enjoy your life journey with good and positive habits more than you know it.  



Cultivate Good and Positive Daily Habits


When looking to cultivate good and positive habits, you may wonder what's the best tactics of making and breaking habits. It is a process that seems daunting at first, but then you soon become a pro at it.

Generally, the strategy is simple: If I have to do X, then I will do Y.

In other words, if you have to build a good habit (X), you already have an idea of the new habit (Y) you need to do that will benefit you. For example, if your goal is to eat healthy, you know that following a strict diet will benefit your body.

So, whenever you choose to eat during the day, you follow this simple process: If I have to eat a snack, then what I will do is eat fruit and nuts. X stands for your old habits like grabbing a donut. Y stands for the new habit you want to build like eating a fruit or a vegetable. Soon, your brain will be re-programmed in this way, and you will naturally reach out for the healthier, cleaner food options.


Good and Positive Daily Habits You Need to Practice for an Epic Life


Four simple but very powerful daily habits you should practice every day to turn your days and life around are:


1. Get a good night’s sleep each night


Today, we are trying to sleep in the age of technology and lots of blue screens. Most of us browse through our phones before falling asleep.

Being always busy and engaging in more activities is considered an achievement these days, where people say: “Oh, I hardly sleep for 4 hours each night.” This mentality can be brutal on your body.

Your inner mechanism cannot bear chronic fatigue and tiredness and might start giving way. You need to build a healthy night-time routine that is easy to follow and pays off during the day.

Countless studies show that adults should sleep for 8 hours a day, but no two humans are exactly similar. You are the best judge of your most refreshing, rejuvenating resting time.

You can also consult a sleep doctor to identify your ideal rest time. Take sleeping seriously as it allows for the rebuilding of your core body parts. If you avoid it, you will be harming your body.


We suggest that you put an alarm an hour before bedtime. When it rings, you will know that you have to put your phone down and start preparing for bed. Leave all worries behind, take deep breaths, and lie in your sleeping pod for a good night’s sleep.

Try not to carry your worries and stress to bed. A relaxation strategy that incorporates mindfulness, such as yoga, deep breathing, or meditation can all boost your sleep time and quality. You’ll wake up refreshed and energized for a wonderful day ahead.


2. Exercise every day


Exercising is not limited to athletes and sportswear models only. You have to move your body every day to stay happy and healthy. Exercising daily for as little as 15 minutes each day releases endorphins in your body. Endorphins are hormones that boost your mood, making you feel happy and satisfied. It cuts down life’s stress.

If where you work is not too far, you can walk to work each day as part of your exercise routine. If it is not a walking distance, you can drive to work and then take the stairs to your house. Some people opt to wake up early in the morning and jog around the neighborhood before going to work. That’s also good.

Build a habit of exercising regularly. You do not even need expensive gym memberships to stay active or a treadmill to workout. A simple walk, jog or run around the park is enough to get your sweat on, blood flowing and give your metabolism a much-needed boost.


Office exercise equipment also helps to exercise different body parts and muscles while you are working in the office or on your desk. This equipment is readily available in the market.


3. Dress well each day – for comfort and confidence


Unless you are Gigi Hadid or Hailey Bieber, you do not have to wear clothes that suffocate you. Dressing for comfort is the best thing you can do to yourself for epic, productive days. Think of going through some grueling work routine, but in your PJs. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Working in your PJ’s is an option that may be suitable to work-at-home professionals, but office people and manual laborers don’t have that option or luxury to work in their PJ’s.

Comfort and safety start with the first piece of clothing you put on your body for the day. For men, even a simple pair of classic, breathable boxer brief can make a world of difference. Women should similarly invest in comfy attire down to breathable cotton underwear that does not feel like punishment.

The clothes you wear every day must be appropriate, comfortable, and suit the weather. So, put some thought in the way you dress always. Otherwise, you will feel self-conscious and miserable throughout the day.

Be it a custom suit or a narrow skirt, you can greatly boost your confidence every day and enhance your outlook on life with the choice of attire you wear. Experiment with different styles and be kind to your body always by settling on an outfit that’s comfortable, appropriate, stylish, and suiting to your personality and taste.



4. Pause, reflect, and meditate each day


Ever feel like time is moving too fast against you? You are not alone. Many people feel like they never have enough time in the day, which makes their days very difficult for them.

When we are busy, we think that the days are merging into a mesh of hours upon hours. Build a habit of pausing and reflecting for a little while each day to cut out all the noise and put things into perspective. Doing this each day, instead of always rushing against time, can have an outsize impact on your days and life.

Spiritual gurus around the world will tell us that mindfulness and meditation is great and has powerful healing properties. You do not have to spend an entire hour on it to know that it’s true. Start with as little as 5 minutes of self-reflection meditation each day, and it will start showing in your life.


Self-reflection and meditation gives us insight into our own thoughts and aspirations. The more thorough the process of self-reflection and meditation, the better for bringing positive change in your life and altering the way you view yourself for the better.

Taking a step back also means that you look at your life as an onlooker and pinpoint what may be going wrong. Experts will tell you that meditation leads to other good habits. For example, you will start de-cluttering, eating better, and avoiding negative people from your life. Win.

Change begins from the day you truly decide to change. Use this guide to help you in taking the practical steps you need and making the functional changes in your habits that’ll help you lead an epic life!

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