10 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before Pregnancy

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Only a few things bring greater joy in the world than welcoming a new member of the family. But frankly, it comes with its challenges.

It doesn’t matter if it was planned or not, as there is no best time for pregnancy.

And although no one can tell you the only way of parenting or handling the gestation period, there are a few things I wish someone explained to me in my first-time pregnancy. They could have saved me so much hurt and given me time to enjoy the little things that happened.

I hope these 10 tips help you enjoy your pregnancy time off work more than I did.


1. Wait for the Right Time to Take a Pregnancy Test


If you're trying to conceive, you may spend a whole two weeks figuring out the best time to take a pregnancy test.

Well, the secret is taking the test after the period is late. This will make sure you don't get false negatives.

If your period is not yet late or it's just a couple of days late, taking the test in the morning can give you more accurate results.


2. Research on Work at Home Opportunities


A new family member means extra expenses, and having an additional source of income comes in handy.

You can try online opportunities that give you a chance to win money. It's best to work on this before the baby arrives to have some savings.

You can also play for fun free slots and see if casino betting is something you'd like to pursue. The free slots don't require any funds or commitment, so you've got nothing to lose.


3. Don't Obsess Over Your Due Date During Pregnancy Time


You're excited about meeting your baby, and you want them to arrive on the exact date in your document. However, the average pregnancy length for first time mothers is 41 weeks and 1 day.

In most cases, when there are no signs of labor pains on the due date, many women begin to panic and think there is something wrong with their bodies. For this reason, it's best to stay prepared but not obsess with the due date.

You can focus on the best pregnancy books for first time mums to learn more on your journey.



4. Enjoy Every Minute in the Hospital 


A few minutes after a baby arrives bring a whirlwind of emotions, even for moms in their second time pregnancy.

If you can handle it, it's best to let the nurse take care of your baby and only bring them for feeding. You'll have a lot of time to take care of the infant by yourself after you leave the hospital.


5. Breastfeeding Is Not as Easy as It Seems 


During the pregnancy time period, many people will ask you whether you'll breastfeed your baby or not. After buying a pump, you think you're all set.

What nobody mentions is that you may have issues latching, and that's okay. You're not the only one experiencing this. Talk to a lactation consultant and set realistic goals for yourself. 



6. You'll Need Your Space


Your loved ones have good intentions. They want to share the happiness of welcoming your baby with you. But truthfully, motherhood is overwhelming, and having too many people can heighten the level of anxiety.


7. It's Normal to Bleed for 30 days If You Have a Vaginal Delivery


Combining this with breastfeeding, it feels like your life and body will never be the same again.

It will, just hang in there.


8. Go on a Date with Your Spouse 


This is probably the first-time pregnancy advice I wish someone told me. If you have someone you can trust to look after your infant, go on a date with your partner within the first two weeks.

This gives you a chance to bond with him and discuss changes that have occurred since the baby arrived. The longer you wait, the harder leaving the tot will be.


9. You'll Do More Than Your Husband


While it's possible for you to breastfeed, write thank you notes, and make a bottle of milk simultaneously, your husband can only focus on one thing at a time.

Most men end up feeling like they're doing their best and not getting anything right, while new moms feel like they're doing it all.

Be patient with your spouse, and know it's the nature of many men and not just him.



10. It's Okay to Ask for Help


During your pregnancy time and after delivery, there are moments when taking care of your baby can be overwhelming.

Even though it may be hard to ask for help if you're not used to it, in this case, it's the best option.


Final Thoughts 


This is probably a snippet of the best first pregnancy advice one can get. Keep in mind that it might not be as smooth as you expected it to be, but it will be worth it.

Take it easy on yourself and take it one step at a time.

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Amalia Liberman is a wife and a mother of two, as well as a novelist and writer. Her roles as a mother and a social worker have allowed her to gain immense experience in communicating with children who are faced with uncertainties in life. Having worked with kids for over fifteen years now, Amalia is well versed in most issues affecting children and their physical and psychological development.