ActiveOps Launches CaseworkiQ, First Workforce Management Solution Dedicated to Back-Office Case-Based Work

The innovative tool addresses the specific workforce management and regulatory pressure on back-office operations processing case-based work.

ActiveOps Launches CaseworkiQ, First Workforce Management Solution Dedicated to Back-Office Case-Based Work

ActiveOps PLC, the England-based management process automation company, has announced the launch of CaseworkiQ, a workforce management solution designed to support operations with large caseloads and high compliance environments.

CaseworkiQ builds and expands on existing ActiveOps workforce optimization solutions to now support case environments. The product enables organizations to plan resources in line with caseload demand and service level agreements (SLAs), delivering optimized performance, reduced risk, and costs.

Managing cases and case teams is the ultimate challenge in operations. Cases can evolve in ways difficult to predict, depending on the individual case context, parties involved, the number of activities needed to complete, response waiting times, and other variables. This makes it challenging to measure, forecast, and plan the capacity required to meet the caseload demand, especially if cases are managed in siloed systems, and key metrics are not all in one place.

To add to the complexity, many case environments, such as Financial Crime operations in Banks — who are processing complex cases such as Know your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) checks — are subject to increased regulations, facing significant fines, reputational damage, and non-compliance, making it even more critical to manage and maintain control effectively.

CaseworkiQ enables the smarter management of cases and case teams in operations. It gives operations the visibility, predictability, and control that no other solution can.

"We've seen an increased focus on case work in the back-office operations, with our customers struggling to cope with the volume of incoming cases, ever-increasing backlogs, and the complexity and unpredictability,” said Stuart Pugh, Chief Customer Officer, ActiveOps. “Delivering CaseworkiQ is part of our commitment to them to continue innovating to support these operations' ever-changing environment. We're excited that we now can offer a workforce optimization solution specifically developed to meet the specific needs of complex case-management operations and help our customers meet their regulatory and service level commitments."

CaseworkiQ provides the analytics and tools to effectively manage, forecast, plan, and control case backlogs while optimizing staff performance, lowering risks, and avoiding costs. It enables you to:

  • Get real-time visibility into the status of all cases at aggregate and individual levels to effectively manage and prioritize.
  • Plan resources to meet caseload demand and meet SLAs.
  • Direct resources to individual cases to complete them within service SLAs.
  • Get a burndown of effort spent on each case to understand each case in detail quickly.
  • See the distribution of effort of your cases to assess the long tail of cases that consume your time.
  • Analyze the average handle time for cases, enabling accurate long-term planning.
  • Access key production metrics to manage resources and workload more effectively.

"At ActiveOps, we've been helping our customers to simplify the running of operations for over 20 years. Our workforce optimization solutions help them manage the capacity of their people to achieve the best possible performance, enabling better decisions for their operations,” said Peter Cregg, Product Director CaseworkiQ, ActiveOps. “Case-based work is now adding complexity to these environments and, in some cases, higher risk, so we want to ensure that we continue to support their needs as work and compliance pressures are evolving. We're proud to have worked closely with our customers to develop a solution that helps deal with this challenge and enable them to regain control of their operations."