Pet Owner’s Guide to Buying Artificial Grass

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Artificial turf is a great alternative to real grass that can save you lots of money for upkeep. But it requires some key considerations for pet owners.

Pet Owner’s Guide to Buying Artificial Grass

A beautiful garden is every homeowner’s dream. To keep it looking good requires lots of hours to maintain real grass and the money to buy materials to keep it healthy.

Artificial turf is a great alternative for real grass that won’t deprive you of your peace of mind, relaxation time, and money for upkeep. Although there’s a pricey upfront cost to buy artificial grass, it will recoup over time.

However, pet owners often wonder how well artificial turf will hold up. A bit of maintenance than normal will be required with artificial turf, if you are a pet parent.

Moreover, if you are a homeowner who owns a pet, there are some other things you need to consider and understand before switching to artificial turf.

Is Artificial Grass Safe for Dogs?


Yes, but as a pet parent, there are some factors to consider before diving into the decision of getting one with your furry friend around:


I. Materials


We know that synthetic turf is made from various plastic and recycled rubber materials, and is non-toxic. But there are some types treated with lead which will poison Fido.

Be sure that your purchase is lead free.


II. Temperature


Artificial grass is not as cool as natural grass. It responds to sunlight in much the same manner as asphalt.

You won’t find Fido playing on your artificial lawn if you live in a warm climate.


III. Durability


If your dog loves to dig, there will be patches left in your turf. You need to invest additional turf to replace it. Or consider an extra-durable quality turf for your landscape.


Fake Grass vs. Real Grass for Dogs


You can compare the real grass in your yard with the artificial grass that you have in mind.

Before we explore the comparison, you should know that there are turfs especially designed for your dogs’ and pets’ businesses.


I. Installation Cost


Real grass is cheaper. Your costs are only for seeds and lawn food that will fit the condition of your soil. Artificial grass is much more expensive, amounting to thousands of dollars.

Consider the cost of the synthetic turf, labor, infill, weed barrier fabric, operation fees, bender board, and company overhead cost.

A ballpark figure is $15,000 for a garden area of 1,000 (25 feet wide x 40 feet long) with a garden wall on one of the 25 foot sides.

Since artificial grass is a big investment, it is worth seeking professional help rather than DIY.


II. Recurring Costs


Real lawn requires re-seeding for dying grass or burns, fertilizer, gas and oil for equipment, soil additives and high water bills.

Recurring costs for artificial grass are pretty cheap. It’s more time spent clearing the surface.

Stain removers for your dog’s business are lukewarm water and soap, and deodorizer to remove odor. It will need some occasional hosing to get rid of dirt and pollen to keep it looking healthy.

Over time, you can recover your investment from synthetic turf. High-quality turf lasts from 15 to 20 years with low maintenance costs, and it can exceed its lifespan if maintained properly.


III. Maintenance


It’s every homeowner’s nightmare to keep the lawn looking good. Mowing, watering, clearing of debris, de-weeding, soil care, and edge trimming takes much time and effort. An option would be to hire help.

Artificial grass out distances natural grass by a mile with its low maintenance. Time spent in maintaining would be for removing debris, occasional watering, application of killers, removing and deodorizing pet stains.


Other Reasons for Pet Owners to Consider Installing Artificial Turf


You and your furry friend can have the best of both worlds. A beautiful garden all-year round with low maintenance and nothing will stop your dog from their business.

And more benefits await pet owners who opted for an artificial turf:

  • If Fido uses it as his personal bathroom, it’s easy to clean it afterwards with materials that are available in your home.
  • There will be no muddy paws on your kitchen floor.
  • No trimming required to make it look good all year.
  • A safe playground for Fido who wants to roll over, run around recklessly, and tumble safely. He won’t get far if he will bury a bone or dig up the yard.
  • Free from harmful substances for a safe environment that your pet can enjoy.
  • Fleas and bugs do not stand a chance on artificial grass.
  • Fido doesn’t have to take a bath after playing in the yard.
  • There will be no puddles on your lawn since the backing of the artificial turf will absorb your dog’s pee.

As you can now tell, there are compelling reasons why buying artificial grass may be totally worth it. Just make sure to consider everything first before making the final purchase.

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