How to Form Healthy Study Habits Even with Remote Classes

No matter what level of education you have, if you want to succeed, you need to keep on learning, which is helped by forming healthy study habits.


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Many students and learners are struggling now more than ever to stay focused on studying, particularly with learning institutions locked down due to the pandemic.

With remote classes now prevalent, students lack a strong study schedule and are struggling with their study habits.

If you’re working through classes, whether you’re in college, higher education, or still in high school, forming stronger study habits will help you reach your educational goals.


Healthy Study Tips and Habits for Learners


Start practicing the following healthy study habits and tips to ensure your success in the future:


1. Follow a Syllabus for Focused Studying


Most people know they should study, but so many people study poorly, if at all. Forming proper study habits entails being focused on your study area. It will earn you the freedom and power to learn anything you want, and it will also lead you to more opportunities when you finish school.

Honestly, nobody teaches students how to learn, but having a syllabus guides you on what you should be studying and learning. Without a studying framework, what students and learners should be doing when they are within or away from school goes unsaid.

In that regard, when your syllabus and area of study is clear, there are three essential aspects of forming good study habits you need to learn. Students should learn how to study in groups, they need to take time every week and study, and they need to know what studying means.


2. Have Study Buddies


One of the first things many college students learn when they begin classes is that they should be studying in groups. Group study is more effective because you will miss things that other people see. Everyone learns something different from the class.

Groups of people will make you accountable for your studying habits because you must tell people that you need to miss a study session. That will give you pause before you say you need to cut. You can go it alone, but studying with others will make you have better accountability.

Another way to study with someone is to use a tutor. For example, MCAT tutoring means learning from people who have passed the exam themselves. Working with a mentor like a tutor can make an enormous difference in the outcomes you get on your tests.

People who use the concepts you are trying to learn daily will have some of the most practical ways to summarize the material in simple terms for laypeople to understand. Like taking guitar lessons as a kid, tutoring makes a drastic, fungible change in your abilities.


3. Create Time to Actually Study


Generally, college is little more than two or three hours of class a day. With proper study habits, you can even work a twenty-hour to a thirty-hour job every week and still pursue your studies.

High School generally involves eight hours every day at school because teachers don’t trust all students to be working on school work at home. In general, effective studying habits mean spending much more time at school than is necessary for all learners.

Taking time to actually study at home or at the learning institution as much as possible sets you apart from those who only do the bare minimum of studying. This healthy study habit could mean thousands of dollars a year more in salary when you’re gainfully employed per your study qualifications. It makes up for those social events you occasionally missed to study.

While you may enjoy hanging out with your friends and colleagues, know that not everyone of them will be getting their diploma or pursuing further education. Stick to healthy study habits and actually study hard and you will set yourself well to be worth more money later in life.


4. Appreciate the Value of Studying (Positive Mindset)


Another aspect of forming proper study habits is ensuring that you cultivate the right mindset and attitude towards studying and learning. A positive attitude lets you relax, enjoy, focus, absorb, and remember information as you learn, while a negative attitude makes learning much harder.

Of course, making the decision to study can be a big step. That’s why you should be clear it is what’s best for you personally and for your career development. Being a successful learner starts with having a positive attitude towards learning and appreciating the value of studying.

Focus on the end-goal instead of the road there. For example, understand that you will be more knowledgeable, technically and mentally equipped to handle situations, and possibly more prosperous after successful completion of your studies.

Each time you feel impatient with your studies, look back over how far you’ve already come and stay the course. A positive attitude also will assist you in coping with stress in your studies.

If you are struggling with a concept, rather than saying “I can’t do this,” say “I can’t do this yet.” And if you’re feeling particularly positive, tell yourself “I CAN do this!”


5. Be Open to Different Learning Opportunities


The formal traditional classroom learning setting is important and valuable, but it is not the only way to learn and study. It is just but one of many learning opportunities that are open to you.

For example, you can study and learn by enrolling for online lessons and classes and attending seminars and workshops. You can also learn from mentors and role models, learn by volunteering, or learn on your own through reading widely, listening to podcasts, and watching training videos.

Be open to all learning opportunities. Remember, employers value knowledgeable employees who are committed to lifelong learning. More than ever, learning is for life and having strong and healthy study habits will help you become a good learner.

Victoria Smith is a freelance writer who specializes in business and finance. She lives in Austin, TX where she is currently working towards her MBA and recommends MCAT tutoring by Elite Medical Prep. Victoria also has a passion for cooking and wellness.