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5 Tips for Leveraging Online Influencers for More Sales on Your eBook Store

by Wendy Dessler | The Web Writer Spotlight: Sep 21, 2017


Authors and other creative entrepreneurs are making part of a living on the sale of eBooks. They are publishing eBooks directly to their own eBook download stores and using influencer marketing to drive sales.

How Nature Fosters Personal Growth and Development for Creative Types

by Elliot Caleira | The Web Writer Spotlight: Sep 18, 2017

Nature Fosters Personal Growth and Self-actualization1.jpg

For centuries poets and other creative types have celebrated the invigorating rush that comes with time spent in nature. Now scientists are unraveling answers to how nature drives personal growth and development.

The Benefits of Using Facebook Live for Business: Why You Should Try It

by Catherine vanVonno | The Web Writer Spotlight: Sep 15, 2017


Did you know that compared to images and textual content, videos on popular social networking sites pull up to a 1,200% higher engagement? That’s what you get with Facebook Live.

Facebook Is Testing a New Feature Enabling You to Find a Mentor or Mentee

by Alexis Davis | The Web Writer Spotlight: Sep 13, 2017


Facebook is continuing its move into LinkedIn’s territory with a new feature facilitating mentoring relationships between its users.

7 Inspirational Quotes from Barnes & Noble to Uplift You [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Staff Writers | The Web Writer Spotlight: Sep 11, 2017


We all feel down from time to time. Here’s some uplifting quotes from Barnes and Noble to inspire you right here.

This Is the Best Posture for Reading Books

by George Mathews | The Web Writer Spotlight: Sep 8, 2017


These five things will help you maintain the correct reading posture so you can safely and comfortably read longer.

The Secret to Achieving Success is Who You Marry, Study Shows

by George Mathews | The Web Writer Spotlight: Sep 4, 2017


You’ve probably suspected it all along. Now there is scientific evidence that backs up the notion that the secret to success is the person you marry.

Elon Musk Wants You to Read This Book to Prepare for How AI Will Affect You

by David K. William | The Web Writer Spotlight: Aug 30, 2017


Elon Musk is recommending a new book by MIT professor Max Tegmark that looks at issues of how artificial intelligence will affect all aspects of our society.

Facebook Is Removing the Ability to Boost These 17 Post Types in Pages

by Alexis Davis | The Web Writer Spotlight: Aug 28, 2017

Facebook boosting.png

Facebook is removing the ability to boost some posts types in business Pages as of September 15, 2017.

5 Things That Matter Most When Planning Your Digital Marketing Strategy

by Ella Rich | The Web Writer Spotlight: Aug 25, 2017


Everyone in businesses today needs to consider these key things when designing their digital marketing strategy.

10 Personality Traits of Mega-Successful Entrepreneurs [Infographic]

by David K. William | The Web Writer Spotlight: Aug 21, 2017

Brin Page-success1.jpg

These are the personality traits successful entrepreneurs have that help them create the environment for success.

AP Launches Listing of Viral Fake News Headlines of the Week

by Alexis Davis | The Web Writer Spotlight: Aug 18, 2017


Coming on the heels of Donald Trump launching a new so-called 'real news' online TV network, the AP has launched a weekly listing of fake news stories that have gone viral in the week.

5 Scientific Ways Nature Improves Creativity

by Elliot Caleira | The Web Writer Spotlight: Aug 15, 2017


As the world whizzes by, science is telling us nature is a wonderful way for us to slow down, think, and let our brains focus and be more creative.

5 Reasons Why You Need Video Marketing to Survive in the Digital World Today

by Conor Grant | The Web Writer Spotlight: Aug 12, 2017


Video marketing is becoming vital in today’s digital world. These are some of the reasons why you need to incorporate it in your business now.

Google’s Project Fi Wireless Option – Can It Really Save You Money?

by Johny Kershwas | The Web Writer Spotlight: Aug 9, 2017


How would you like a cheaper wireless option? Google Project Fi is touted as a great alternative to conventional phone carriers for an inexpensive wireless plan—for good reasons.