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Want to Be Happy and Successful in Life? Michelle Obama Has Six Words for You

by David K. William | The Web Writer Spotlight: Nov 22, 2017

michelle-obama-inspirational comments_1.jpg

The former First Lady’s pithy and inspirational comments for coping during turbulent times and achieving success isn't terribly hard to follow.

Publishers, Tech Giants Agree to Display Standardized 'Trust Indicators' to Help Readers Vet Stories Online

by Alexis Davis | The Web Writer Spotlight: Nov 20, 2017


The new “trust indicators” aim to help you vet the trustworthiness of the stories and the journalists behind articles published online.

Creative Slump? Overcome Writers Block through the Outdoors

by Elliot Caleira | The Web Writer Spotlight: Nov 16, 2017

overcome writers block-with-the-outdoors_0.jpg

Whether you’re a creative professional, or just a simple hobbyist, droughts of inspiration and productivity inevitably face writers. The outdoors hold a cure.

5 Keys to Offset the Tendency to Procrastinate

by Clara Freeman | The Web Writer Spotlight: Nov 14, 2017


Procrastination can be a huge productivity challenge. Fortunately, there are simple ways to nip it in the bud and manage your time better.

Why You Should Continue to Grind It Out

by David K. William | The Web Writer Spotlight: Nov 11, 2017


Sometimes the decision to quit is the right one. However, when it comes to achieving success, it’s the grind that’s ultimately going to make the difference.

Like YouTube, Snapchat Wants to Start Paying Its Top Content Creators

by Alexis Davis | The Web Writer Spotlight: Nov 8, 2017


Snapchat wants to start paying its top creators as it seeks to give users a financial incentive to broaden the way they use the app.

15 Ways Technology can Improve Your Creativity

by George Mathews | The Web Writer Spotlight: Nov 5, 2017


The world is becoming more technological. As it becomes more technological, you need to start thinking of technology more like a paintbrush.

Audible Lets You ‘Skip to the Good Part’ in Narrated Romance Novels

by Alexis Davis | The Web Writer Spotlight: Nov 2, 2017


Fans of romantic novels may have something new to celebrate. A new feature in Audible Romance lets you jump straight to the action in romance audiobooks where things get, uh, steamy.

10 Ways Resourceful People Build Resilience, Turn Failure into Success

by David K. William | The Web Writer Spotlight: Oct 30, 2017

Resilience - Do You Bend or Break_0.png

Steve Maraboli is quoted as saying “Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient.” But how can you become more resilient? You can learn from the most resourceful people.

16 Word Substitutions to Improve Boring Writing

by George Mathews | The Web Writer Spotlight: Oct 27, 2017


A good way to improve your writing and grammar expression is to choose words carefully. Check out a handy resource for substituting some of the most boring words in texts of all sorts to strengthen your writing.

Facebook News Feed Essentials You Should Know to Insulate Yourself from Impending Algorithm Change

by Alexis Davis | The Web Writer Spotlight: Oct 25, 2017


Facebook is testing a change to its News Feed where it is moving non-promoted posts to a secondary “Explore” feed. You need to prepare for it.

7 Digital Marketing Trends that’ll Skyrocket Your Business

by David K. William | The Web Writer Spotlight: Oct 23, 2017


In order to grow your business in the digital age, you need to keep up with the latest marketing trends, especially these seven trends.

People Who Let Go of Being Liked Have Better Careers. Want to Know Why?

by David K. William | The Web Writer Spotlight: Oct 19, 2017


It can be tough to let go of the desire to please everyone, but people who let go of being liked by everyone ultimately have better careers than those who don’t let go. And there are good reasons why.

Amazon Allows Teens to Independently Shop, Stream Content on Its Site

by George Mathews | The Web Writer Spotlight: Oct 17, 2017


Teenagers can now create their own Amazon accounts and independently shop on the site as long as they want—with caveats, of course.

New York Times Tough, New Social Media Guidelines Warn Writers against Expressing ‘Partisan Opinions’

by Alexis Davis | The Web Writer Spotlight: Oct 14, 2017


The Times’ is warning its journalists to take extra care to avoid expressing “partisan opinions,” prompting questions on the role of writers in speaking their truth on social media.


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