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Fake News is the News Right Now. Here's How to Spot a Hoax Story on Facebook

by David K. William | The Web Writer Spotlight: Nov 23, 2016


The proliferation of false story headlines on Facebook and other social networks is misleading scores of people, causing them to believe news that isn't true. Fake news is a growing menace across the world. But, how can you identify a hoax story on social networks and avoid being duped?

4 Ways to Convert Your Writing Hobby into a Successful Business

by Mary Kleim | The Web Writer Spotlight: Nov 21, 2016


As modern technology continues to improve and customer’s needs and problems are satisfied in innovative new ways, so too is the digital business landscape progressing. Writers today have a huge opportunity to turn their craft into a successful online business.

Did You Know Happiness Can Make You Less Creative, Competitive?

by David K. William | The Web Writer Spotlight: Nov 17, 2016


If you’ve been skeptical about the recent obsession with being happy and widespread works of positive psychology today, there are scientific reasons that may actually justify your skepticism.

16 Empowering Thoughts to Help Us Stand Strong, Get Through Trying Times

by Staff Writers | The Web Writer Spotlight: Nov 14, 2016

Acceptance and Moving On Quotes_0.jpg

For many Americans, the recently concluded Presidential election has taken a massive emotional toll on them. But, as difficult as it may be, life has to go on through the good and bad times; sunny and rainy days. Check out empowering thoughts about acceptance and moving on to help us stand strong and get through inevitable trying times in business and life.

5 Things You Need to Know about Facebook (The Possibilities and Limitations)

by Aly Chiman | The Web Writer Spotlight: Nov 11, 2016


We use it almost every day, but what do we really know about the possibilities and limitations of Facebook? These are some of the most interesting things you should know about this favorite social network.

Are You Using Instagram for Your Social Media Marketing? Here’s Why It’s Crucial You Do

by Sheena Mathieson | The Web Writer Spotlight: Nov 9, 2016


Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for marketing along with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. It is a must for your business’ social media campaigns. The trick to making an Instagram marketing campaign work is to simply know how to use it.

United Arab Emirates Passes New Law to Encourage Reading

by Staff Writers | The Web Writer Spotlight: Nov 7, 2016


The United Arab Emirates has passed a new law to encourage literacy among its citizens. The new reading law aims to make reading a lifelong habit for 50% of Emirati adults and 80% of pupils.

AT&T is Buying Time Warner. Is the Deal Good for the Content Industry?

by Staff Writers | The Web Writer Spotlight: Nov 2, 2016


AT&T Inc. recently agreed to buy Time Warner Inc for $85.4 billion. By acquiring Time Warner and entering into the business of originating and distributing content, the telecom company may have increased its incentive to favor that content over rival sources. This incentive is raising concerns.

3 Main Reasons Why Articles Are Rejected by Publishers (And How You Can Avoid This)

by Walter Hurley | The Web Writer Spotlight: Oct 31, 2016


Many of us would love our writings to be featured on major online publications, but there is always a possibility that your writing will be rejected. However, you can fix common problems that lead to rejection and improve your chances of scoring a byline on the publications.

Google Acquires FameBit: Why This Matters to Digital Content Marketers, Creators

by Staff Writers | The Web Writer Spotlight: Oct 27, 2016


Earlier this month Google announced it had purchased FameBit, a self-service online startup that connects brands with social media influencers. The search giant said the acquisition would help increase the number of branded content opportunities available, bringing more revenue to YouTube.

5 Things Extremely Prosperous Writers Do That Are Rarely Discussed

by John Cabrera | The Web Writer Spotlight: Oct 24, 2016


There are many tips on how to become a successful writer. Tips such as perseverance, dedication and hard work are some of the most typical advice. Indeed, these concepts are key to becoming a successful writer, but what else do successful writers do that is rarely discussed?

You Don’t Have to “Have” a Vision. You Can Just “Find” a Vision That Resonates With You

by Simon Sinek | The Web Writer Spotlight: Oct 22, 2016

James Duncan Davidson_TED_0.jpg

There is a standard today where we are often told we have to “have” a vision to succeed in business and life—some big, bold, change-the-world Steve-Jobsian vision. But, maybe you don't really need to have a vision. You can just find one that resonates with you.

15 Things You Can Do to Stay Positive and Motivated as an Entrepreneur

by David K. William | The Web Writer Spotlight: Oct 17, 2016


As entrepreneurs we get frustrated sometimes by the seemingly slow pace of our progress, repeated failures and lengthy delays in our entrepreneurial efforts. But there are ways to consciously balance out all the negative events, and remain positive when operating your business or startup.

How Plants Affect Your Mood, Spark Creativity and Improve Focus

by D. More | The Web Writer Spotlight: Oct 12, 2016


Did you know that plants in your workstation can spark your creativity, improve your productivity and help with problem-solving? A study completed by Texas A & M specifically found that flowers can reduce negative feelings, reduce anxiety and boost energy in men and women in the workplace.

Guy Winch on Why We All Need to Practice Emotional First Aid



In this TED talk, Psychologist Guy Winch makes the case for taking care of our emotional health and explains the scientifically proven techniques we can use to heal our psychological pain.